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Insanity vs. Sanity August 31, 2008

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A few weeks ago on a particularly difficult day a group of my wonderful friends cleaned my house for me.  Apparently they tried to vacuum my floor and realized that they might have to pitch in and buy me a vacuum.  You will all be glad to know that problem is finally solved.  Last weekend I temporarily lost my cool and literally tossed four (no you did not misread I said FOUR) broken vacuums out my door onto the porch.

I have been telling Mark for months that we need a new vacuum.  He was fine with me getting a new one but I just kept putting it off and trying to “make do.”  That was dumb!!!  Mark was out working in the yard that day so McCall ran outside and apparently told him that “Mom is losing her mind.  You need to come inside.”  Did he come inside?  Oh no!  He is no dummy.  He knows that when I am losing it like that the best thing to do is stay out of the way for awhile.

Here is a picture of the culprits, devil vacuums!


I did some research about prices,etc.  So Friday I became friends with our local Oreck salesman in the Florence Oreck showroom and this is my lovely new friend!


It is not the most flattering picture of her but she really is lovely.  Lightweight, trim, not very noisy.  No bells and whistles but I love that!  I am glad to get the floor vacuumed I don’t make it around to the corners or drapes (who has drapes?) and forget the couch cushions.  Anyways those little extras were the downfall of those other four vacuums. They always broke!!!

Okay I’m getting all worked up again…. I need to go vacuum the upstairs and calm down.Wink


2 Responses to “Insanity vs. Sanity”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    Horray for new vacuum cleaners! I actually have my eye on a vacuum cleaner I am hoping to get when we move into a house. Who would have thought ten years ago at CSU that we would be so excited about cleaning tools? We are getting old! 🙂

  2. Renee Says:

    I too, can attest to the greatness of ORECK! I have one and it is awesome to use. After pushing an industrial size, commercial grade vacuum, I almost ran the ORECK into the wall-it is SO light!
    Anyway, just wanted you to know I do get a kick out of your writings Erika. Thanks so much for contributing to my day 🙂
    Love and prayers to you,

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