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Little Monkey September 1, 2008

Filed under: Funny stuff — erikaivory @ 9:38 pm

McCall has been asking Mark for over a year to take him to the climbing wall.  We really weren’t sure if he was ready for it and it just never worked out to take him.  So this weekend we set aside time to go on “dates” with the boys.  McCall has had a rough two weeks adjusting to school and we recognized he seems to need some extra attention.

So Friday night I took him out to Barnes & Nobles and found him a craft book and then we went home and made cookies together. (What? Yes I like doing both of those things, but he really did want to do them!  I did not manipulate himSmile)  Mark took the two little guys to the new Rita’s ice cream place (we had coupons of course) and then to the pet store.

And Sat night I took the little guys to Barnes & Nobles (they do like the stage and train table) and then home for cookies.  Mark and McCall went to the climbing wall.  McCall climbed 3 1/2 times.  Mark said he was amazing!  He was so proud of him.  He was apparently like a little monkey.  I was a crazy climbing kid apparently my mom recollects and so it was fun to see him take to it so quickly.  He didn’t want to leave but Mark had to convince him that he was tired.  So we have now found a fun new outlet.  I have tried for several hours to post the video through youtube and vimeo but to no avail.  Seriously all my techy friends what is my problem?  Would someone please set up a tutorial for me?  Maybe I can post it eventually.

And by the way for those of you that know me well and know my aversion for anything “crafty.”  When I came downtairs this morning McCall found a great idea from the book I bought him.  I vaguely remember him asking me EARLY this morning if I knew where a shoe box was.  Well, he decorated with cut-outs and twine this box  and then sponge painted it two layers and three colors.  It really is lovely but WOW lots of paint everywhere and lots of messSmile  Lord stretch me to help me encourage his gifts and interests!



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