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Story time September 4, 2008

Filed under: Funny stuff — erikaivory @ 7:58 pm

I remember when I was pregnant with my first little one I attended a church party and one couple with a four year old were moaning about bedtime.  They were saying how their little girl will just scream and cry and get up out of bed and make bedtime such an ordeal.  I seriously remember being baffled and thinking, “What is their problem?  They are the adult, she is a four year old child!  Put her in bed, shut the door and make her stay!”  What a judgemental know-it-all I was!

Eli gives me a run for my money.  I wish I could say bedtime is peaceful.  But many nights it ends up with a spanking because he simply will not stay put!  Tonight before I had to spank him I sat by his bed to pray and talk, hoping this (since we already did bath and books) would help him wind down.  Well, he decided to tell me a bedtime story.  I am biased I realize, but he does amaze me with his wit.

He said that today he saw an “astronaut going to moon with thing on his head and I waved but he didn’t wave back.  But then he kicked me so I had to go to doctor.  Then doctor popped astronaut ’cause it not nice to kick.  Then space man caught moon and made it break up into pieces.  But I was like astronaut and used my wings to fly and catch all pieces of moon.  So tomorrow daddy has to take his hammer and fix it up so we can see.  And mommy did you know inside pillows are candy?”

Wow, no wonder he can’t fall asleep.  With stories like that flying around in his head it makes sense why he is up and down and up and down!Smile


2 Responses to “Story time”

  1. kce Says:

    I Love It! You make me sick sometimes because all your kids are smart, which reflects you and your hunny(how great a job your doing with your kids).

  2. crystal Says:

    I have decided that every condescending remark I make about someone else’s parenting is going to come back and bite me-but do I quit making them? No! One day I will learn. Eli is a talker, I bet he was thinking more than that but he couldn’t talk fast enough to get it all out!

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