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Pockets, yea! September 7, 2008

Filed under: Funny stuff — erikaivory @ 9:00 pm

This is what Eli says each morning when I present him with a pair of shorts that have… pockets.  This is apparently his new obsession.  He must have pockets to stuff with gumballs, squishy plastic frogs, rocks, dandelions, bugs or any other treasure he comes upon.  He gets really excited when he wears the few pairs of shorts he has that have several kinds of pockets.

This started about two weeks ago and for a few days I tried to fight the trend and in a no-nonsense way dress him in whatever shorts I decided were appropriate for the day, even if they did not have pockets.  Sometimes giving in to these little battles frustrates me.  Eventually I realized that it was futile and ridiculous.  Let him wear pockets!  Honestly most of his shorts have pockets anyways.

I still think it is the cutest thing though when I present him with his clothes and he breaks out in his super sunshine grin and squeals, “Pockets, yea!!!”


Unfortunately someday it will most likely be much more difficult to bring him such joy:)  So for now each day I find an outfit with pockets.  Now he is requesting pajamas with pockets.  I have tried to explain that they don’t really make pajamas with pockets.  Sigh.  Yes do comment if you know who sells pajamas with pockets (on the pants not the shirt), but I don’t know how far we will take this obsession….

I sure do love that smile though!


3 Responses to “Pockets, yea!”

  1. Gina Says:

    JD is the same way. He likes pockets because he can hide cars in his pockets–even cars that aren’t his!! Pockets are way cool, Ma!!

  2. Kelly Says:

    Thrilling their little hearts is priceless! Do it every chance you get! I am remembering Eli’s comment, ” You’re pretty, Mommy!” It is wonderful beyond words when we get to be the one who thrills their little hearts.

  3. Mom Edmond Says:

    So do you remember when TJ had to have pockets on all his pants? And the style then was two patch pockets on the back of the pants. So I just turned them around and convinced him that it was okay to put his hands in the two patch pockets on the front of his pants!! (Took a while of course). And there was a bit of a bag in the pants in the front and kind of tight in the tush…but he never had much behind anyway!
    So it runs in the family I guess!
    The bedtime story was quite amazing and truly the reason he can’t sleep!

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