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What do you think? September 11, 2008

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I have had several conversations with other moms lamenting the passing of summer.  Many of us are experiencing regrets over new school schedules.  We are struggling with helping our little ones adjust to new sleep schedules, being disciplined with homework and just missing “good times” with our sweet children.  By the time they get home from school they are exhausted, hungry, crabby and either want to veg out or bounce off the walls.

So I found this article off MSN interesting.  Wondered what you think?  I would love to say “bump homework, who cares about reading ANOTHER 20-30 minutes tonight, let’s go get ice cream and run around with our shoes off!”.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved school and I still love to read, but I miss my happy little boys:)

So take a read and let me know what YOU think!


5 Responses to “What do you think?”

  1. beckyray Says:

    Hey, you stole my theme!

  2. Julie Baker Says:

    Wow! Makes me want to homeschool!

  3. Yes, yes, yes! I agree with the article. Down with school, I say. I always thought that, as a former teacher, I would love school as a parent. My girls go to great schools and have great teachers, but the business of testing is driving instruction away from discovery learning for younger students. Children are filled with wonder and curiosity, and there ain’t nothing wonderful or curious about worksheets and tests and skill and drill. And I know that teachers are not making these decisions. These are national and state-level decisions made in response to legislation. Certainly don’t have any answers, but it is my hope that the pendulum will swing the other way sometime soon. That does tend to be the case in educational trends…

  4. erikaivory Says:

    Well said ms. cookie and also why I hope you will be our next Palin hero and someday soon be on school board and make moves and legislation happen to cause changes that are needed in our SC school system!

  5. maura Says:

    My husband has mentioned many times how he hated school because of the intense standards they held everyone too, and since he has never tested well with standardized testing he did horribly in school from pre school on. He tells me that his favorite teacher to this day was a woman who instead of making him take the multiple choice tests on paper like the rest of the kids (most of whom were girls) she would give it to him orally because she found he scored much better when tested that way. If only all teachers were willing and aloud by the schools to have small enough classes, and given the freedom to mold their teaching styles to each child than I believe we wouldn’t see as much negative effects in our kids. This is one of many reasons our family has decided to “unschool” at least through elementary school. Life is our school, and so far we are amazed at how quickly Reilley is learning just from being aloud to explore his world with freedom and support from us as he does. It’s very exciting to watch your children learn! I would be jealous to let someone else see my kids learn and explore every day and miss out on their reactions to every new lesson.

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