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It’s Midnight, Now What? September 13, 2008

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Today while at the gym I listened to a message from Newspring Church by Perry Noble.  It was from two weeks ago and it was incredible.  I relistened to part of it tonight because I really wanted to write down some of the points.    The message was based on the story in Acts 16 where Lydia is converted, the demon-possessed girl is set free and then Paul ends up in prison.  It is titled “It’s Midnight, Now What?”.  Here are just a few of the points I took away with me:

  • If we focus on our fear, what we fear the most controls us.
  • Focus on the cross instead of our circumstances
  • Focus on who Christ is instead of what could happen.
  • When we feel like we are being crushed that is when Jesus is trying to use the suffering in our lives as a megaphone to communicate to the world that God is so good.
  • When we begin to worship God for WHO HE IS instead of WHAT HE DOES for us – that is when He will shake things up.
  • Sometimes God uses our suffering to set other people free.
  • When the bottom falls out do you have the hope to say “God is in control” and “God is good”?

I don’t know about you but that is a lot to chew on.  The whole message is worth the time to listen and at the end is an amazing video about Mike who has an incredible story of faith and salvation.  So watching it online is an even cooler experience.  So if you have some time one night this weekend sit down and spend some time on it.  You can find it at:


One Response to “It’s Midnight, Now What?”

  1. maura Says:

    All of the points you state are so true and so awesome! I am learning these things so much more now than ever. I know you are too, and it is even more encouraging when even in our struggles not only do we have God, and He is SO good, but he surrounds us with others in the body that can relate to our circumstances in some way and we can hold each other up, even through the “hard” times, knowing that He is using it all for His good!

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