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Perspective September 17, 2008

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What do you see?


3 Responses to “Perspective”

  1. maura Says:

    Any time I look at the sky, whether in a picture, or when I am outside myself, I feel that there is no way I could ever doubt that God is so real and true. There is no way something so beautiful, and ever changing, as the sky and all that is in it could have been created by anything or anyone other than God himself. I feel like I can breathe when I look at this. Beautiful!

  2. Allison Says:

    I see the sun peeking out of the clouds and sky and think of Ava Love. She says that God is peeking at us. I always regain my perspective when I look up into the sky. Thank you God for making yourself known everywhere!

  3. Jeremiah Says:

    I see a woman’s face. Big fake eyelashes, a funny nose and giant lips. See? Right below the sun to the left. On the mountain. See?

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