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Couple of funnies September 23, 2008

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Thought I would share some things over the past couple of days that the boys have done to make me chuckle:

  • this weekend we spent some time at Broadway at the Beach.  No trip is ever complete without at least three trips to the bathroom.  On my venture with Haig he was getting tired walking and so I gave him a piggyback ride.  He is riding on my back and whispers in my ear, “Mom, thanks for all the things you do for us like carrying me when I am tired.”  Awww, he is so sweet:)
  • He really is but I tried hard to refocus on that sweetness when we walked into the public bathroom and as I politely smile and nod at the sweet little old lady in front of us Haig announces, “It smells like old lady in here!”  Ugh!
  • Sometimes this summer when Eli had a late nap and was having a hard time falling asleep at bedtime, he would stay up with Mommy and Daddy and watch the episodes we taped of Wipeout. You know that silly game show/reality show where the contestants have to complete this crazy obstacle course and the two comedy announcers make fun of them the whole time.  No he was not scarred by their sarcasm.  It really is a hilarious show.  Anyways so Friday Eli was up in his room, and he has a cloth swing in his room (impulse buy from IKEA).  He was jumping from his bed and grabbing onto the swing and then running into the wall and falling onto the floor.  I was putting away clothes and watching him when he ran up and pretended to hand me a microphone.  He said, “Mommy I fall into mud and you ask me questions.  I get knocked down by punching things.”  I was thinking, “what?”  So he further explained, “I in wipeout and I need a helmet.” So he runs outside and puts a bucket on his head with the handle under his chin and proceeds to continue throwing himself on the floor/into the mud!  He wanted me to be the interviewer and ask him questions each time he fell.  For those of you that are familiar with the show Wipeout, I hope you find this as humorous as I did.  I wish I had caught it on camera!
  • Eli is also currently obsessed with guitars, particularly the electric sort.  Everything becomes a guitar, from a fork, to a thermos or his favorite is his long stick riding horse.  He hooks the rein across his body like a strap and then holds the bottom up and strums.  More like jams.  Today he told us he was doing a concert.  We turned on some Lenny Kravitz and he went to town.  He sings, “Everybody!!!!”  over and over and over and then jumps off the “stage” into the “crowd” and plays his guitar in all kind of strange poses.  I am not sure where he has seen this phenomenon.  I do allow him to watch my younger brother Jeremiah online at times play the drums in his band Manchester Orchestra but I don’t think he has seen any crazy guitar moves.  I truly do look forward to the teenage years with my little spitfire:)
  • Lastly, McCall this weekend made a sweet comment.  He was just hanging out, thinking I guess and randomly said, “Mom, you know what I can’t wait to be when I grow up?  A dad!”  Pretty cool:)

One Response to “Couple of funnies”

  1. mauraprelich Says:

    your boys are so sweet!! I miss those three little men. Great job and kudos to you and Mark for raising three wonderful boys.

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