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Little answers go a long way September 24, 2008

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Yesterday McCall put his big old “Superhero” Bible in his already too heavy bookbag before leaving for school.  He also likes to carry at least three chapter books and a bottle of water at all times.  So funny b/c that is so, so me.  Makes me feel prepared for any spare time I might happen upon so I will have reading material.

So I asked him why he was packing his Bible.  He said so he can read it during car line.  Wow, how cool is that!!  Music to a mother’s ears!  Thank you God for a small sign of an answer to my prayers that he would love your Word.  Very exciting!

I love the Lord because He hears my prayers and answers them. Because He bends down and listens I will pray as long as I can breathe. Psalm 116:1


5 Responses to “Little answers go a long way”

  1. jenny Says:

    I LOVE this… and I love this verse. What a sweet story.

  2. Way cool! He sure is shaping up to be great husband material… 😉

  3. Melanie Says:

    That’s so sweet! It’s amazing what they take in. Will has recently learned that God is his best friend, and when we ask him who his best friend is, he says, “God!” It does a mommy’s heart good to hear that.

  4. Karl Edmond Says:

    Taryn’s favorite bedtime book right now is her story Bible. It makes me so happy too. My favorite story is when Jesus appears to the disciples after his death because in the picture Peter and john are giving eachother a high five!

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