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Wow, cold! September 26, 2008

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I do this every year!  The cold weather arrives and surprises me.  I have talked to a couple other moms today that have said the same thing.  Earlier this week we were sweating at the park and then today I had to scramble around (and end up late to school) trying to find long pants that fit and suitable jackets.

It is so refreshing though this cool weather.  Cuddling up on the couch with a blanket and pulling out comfy sweatshirts that are like old friends.  The not-so-fun part though is the dreaded and time-consuming task of switching out summer clothes for winter clothes and figuring out what fits who and what is needed.  Ugh! Anyone else feeling my pain?

It really does take forever and honestly last year for my clothes I just left the totes out in my room.  They became a permanent part of my decor.  Yes, you could call that laziness, I just decided it was fruitless labor, the hauling and moving and such.

So for the next few days I will have stacks of pants and shorts and jackets laying around our house.  I will sift and sort and toss and donate and hopefully, eventually get each of our wardrobe straightened out.  The fun part is seeing how much the boys have grown and seeing Eli now wearing clothes that McCall wore.

And of course the cold weather also means that so many fun things are around the corner.  Pumpkin picking, Halloween costumes, football weekends, windy days, crunching leaves, using the fireplace, anticipating snow? (dare I even say it), family at Thanksgiving and finally all the wonderful days of Christmas preparation and celebrating our Saviour’s birth.

So what do you look forward to with the cold weather arriving?


5 Responses to “Wow, cold!”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    I look forward to you sporting the overalls I’ve heard so much about! Sorry, friend, but I probably will make fun of you the first time I see them. 🙂

  2. Crystal Says:

    She really will wear those overalls a lot. 🙂 I so look forward to throwing 3 birthday parties in 10 weeks with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years in between! I love the fact that my kids really look forward to Fall/Early Winter due to all the celebrations. I am excited because I get to clean out the playroom in preparation for all the presents they will be getting. Hey- at least you clean out closests. I just leave all the winter and summer clothes mixed up all year.

  3. Lisa King Says:

    I too hate the switch from summer clothes to winter clothes. I can’t IMAGINE having to do it for 3 little ones – ugh!! This year might be a bit easier for me since I know most of my winter clothes won’t be fitting for long. I am very thankful for donatated maternity clothes so hopefully I won’t have to buy much! 🙂

  4. I like the overalls! 🙂

    I love the fall and winter….seeing God switch out His summer colors for His winter ones….I am especially fond of the red maple tree at our pier….I wait with anticipation each fall, as it changes many shades of yellows, reds, and oranges….
    I am already listening to Christmas Music and preparing for our Christmas event at CBC…..I LOVE hot tea…YUM!! (But only when it is cold outside.)
    I also look forward to getting eveyones Christmas photos in the Christmas cards!

  5. mauraprelich Says:

    I’m excited to celebrate Reilley’s 2nd birthday in December along with of course Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m excited that Ben is finally in a job where he gets paid for both of those holidats also! And I am hoping for more cooler weather earlier and to have longer than last year.

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