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Treats from above October 1, 2008

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Have you ever had God amaze you?  And I’m not talking about amazing you as you look at the circumstances in somebody else’s life but when He just shows you in YOUR life that, He loves you, He sees you and He IS FOR YOU!

He has done that to me this week.  Through a series of circumstances a couple of fun opportunities have come our way that are just over the top, out of this world gifts of love from the Father.  I will share more details later but as I was riding alone to pick up the big kids from school this afternoon, I just was overcome with the giggles.  The Lord said, “Here is a little treat.  I knew you would like it.  I love to see you excited and all smiley.”

He truly is indescribable, amazing and so cool in the ways He shows His love for us.  I am very, very thankful to Him.  No Mark doesn’t have a job yet and the horizon is still very unclear, but this wonderful Father that loves me can see through the clouds so I can sleep well tonight!


2 Responses to “Treats from above”

  1. maura Says:

    I can’t wait to find out! The anticipation is killing me.

  2. Allison Rhodes Says:

    I totally know what you mean!!! GOD ROCKS!!!

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