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Day 2 at Catalyst October 10, 2008

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The speakers and music today have been incredible. Andy Stanley, William Paul Young (author of The Shack), Jim Collins (author of Good to Great), Brenda Salter McNeil, Seth Godin (author of Purple Cow), Steven Furtick and Craig Groeschel. Steve Fee, Eddie Kirkland and Todd Fields led worship. Jon Foreman from Switchfoot also shared a few songs.

There were lots of fun events like the world’s record for putting together the largest Floam ball. A step dance team performed. A bus came and unloaded a dodgeball champion, a grandaddy banjo player, a mariachi band and a hog. Long story. Lanny Donaho and Reggie Joiner are the emcees and Lanny is quite a hoot.

They shared the story of a 9 year old boy that started a Hoops for Hope organization that allows children to raise money for Zambian orphans by shooting free throws. Over the past 5 years this little boys vision raised enough money to build a high school and medical/counseling clinic for Aids patients in Zambia. Amazing kid.

The EXtreme Team basketball stunt artists performed. During one of the worship sets two artists came onstage and free handed on individual campuses. We watched and sang while they worshipped through their art. It was really, really cool.

William Paul Young was absolutely amazing. Such a humble, compassionate, tenderhearted man. I am so glad I read his book and it made me want to read it again, but mostly want to meet him. He has an incredible story. Worked in as a warehouse manager, even did janitorial duties. He wrote the book as a Christmas gift for his six kids to try and explain his personal journey through this allegory and through crazy events everyone else was blessed by his book too. He cried while sharing the impact of his realizing at age 50 the depth of Christ’s love for us. Wow!

Steven Furtick was ON FIRE!! Humble too and hilarious. That guy is really amazing. Craig Groeschel was also emotional while telling about some of his personal struggles and coming back from some of them. He is an impressive man. Andy Stanley really emphasized prioritizing family first over ministry and career.

I had a meltdown at lunchtime. I have had a migraine the past three days. Which my medicine helps but I am still just struggling. So wearing a smelly cow outfit and being with 12,000 people that are staring at me, teasing me and asking me questions constantly…while it is a blessing, I kind of had a mini panic attack at lunch. I went to the car for about 20 minutes and derobed and was just quiet for a while. Then I went back in and made it through the rest of the day, much better.

Honestly though I kind of feel like the enemy is really trying to distract through my weariness and rotten attitude. So I hope to get a bit more sleep tonight and be a positive, happy cow again tomorrow. Mark and I slipped out tonight and had dinner alone and now are visiting with my parents before bed. Again we are so thankful and blessed to be here. I did run into Cory Singleton a precious friend from college. We saw the Newspring crew. I also saw Craig Crosby, a friend from college from afar but didn’t get to catch his attention.

It is fun running into old friends and making new ones. Such a unique environment and fun opportunity. Hope some of this made sense. Sorry for not linking to things tonight, just too tired! Try to do better next time:)


2 Responses to “Day 2 at Catalyst”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    I am praying for you guys. I hope you feel better and well rested tomorrow and have an incredible day.

  2. Alli Says:

    I’m already planning to be there next year. I’m sad I missed seeing you guys! I pray your head feels better!!!

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