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Recovery October 12, 2008

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This weekend we are recovering.  I took a long nap, the washing machine and dryer seem to be constantly running and we are trying to rest as much as 3 little men allow:)

We are also processing.  You know when you have absorbed a ton of info it seems to take days or even weeks to process it and make sense of all the Lord wants to do through the messages.

I want to be diligent to carve out “space” each day so I can process and listen.  That is hard to find and even harder to make.  How do you “make space” in your day to think?


One Response to “Recovery”

  1. mauraprelich Says:

    Yeah…that’s a good question. I try to take a few minutes when Reilley naps and while I nurse Layla, but that doesn’t always work. I am eager to hear how others make space.

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