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Like a diamond October 17, 2008

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Someone needs to read this great, great post.  I always love it when someone can take a Bible story I have heard a million times and find a gold nugget in it that I have never seen.  Amazing how God does that.  As Margaret Feinberg describes it it is like looking at a diamond over and over and then when you turn it just a bit the light shines on it differently and then you see a new array of its beauty.

Go check out and pray for the Lord to reveal some new beauty to you.


One Response to “Like a diamond”

  1. Ah Ma Says:

    Thank you for sharing the site. It was so true. We have so many things that want to trip us up but the One holding our hand wants to keep us from falling.

    By the way, you need to get some sleep. Proverbs 3:24

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