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Great weekend! October 22, 2008

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What a weekend!  Our internet has been down since Friday so sorry for my silence:)  It has felt like I’ve been in Siberia not being able to be online!

The biggest news from the weekend is that Mark was offered a job with another pharmaceutical company and he accepted it.  God is so so good to us!  His area will be Florence/Columbia so we don’t have to move.  He starts Nov. 17th and pay from his old job ends Nov. 20th.  Benefits from the old job end Nov. 30th and benefits from the new job start Dec. 1st! He still basically has a month off.

Isn’t God just “over the top” amazing that after such a tough year He gives Mark a two month vacation?  We are amazed, thankful and humbled!  Then to top it off we served and attended our first Newspring Florence service on Sunday.  It was so great to see people we have been praying with serve, people we have been praying for show up and then God show up big time.

There was an attendance of 189 and one gentleman accepted the Lord as his Saviour.  Again what a great, great weekend.  We also shared a spontaneous dinner with some dear friends on Friday night and got to celebrate the news of Mark’s new job. Sat. morning we painted pumpkins with some other friends that I haven’t seen in ages, and some other new friends were nice enough to invite us to an Octoberfest on Sat. night!  What a fun, busy weekend!


4 Responses to “Great weekend!”

  1. Julie Baker Says:

    We are soooooo EXCITED for ya’ll!!!!!! What an AMAZING God we serve! Love ya’ll! Julie and Evan

  2. Vanessa Says:

    God is so good! How great for Mark to have this time with you guys – He knew exactly what He was doing (as always).

  3. Kelly Says:

    We are so blessed for you! I am so glad Mark will be able to enjoy even more family time without having to be concerned about the job search. I am so blessed that you are witnessing the fruit of your many months of praying for your church in Florence! I know you have been through a great deal of pain recently, and as part of the process of walking you through it, God is pouring out many blessings and confirming that He is still Lord, and He is still looking out for (and loves) the Chapmans!

  4. I saw Pat in Lowe’s and she told me the great news about Mark’s new position! God is so good and faithful!

    Great news for the first worship service too!! So happy for you all!

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