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Two peas in a pod October 26, 2008

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I am dedicating this post to my sweet-tempered middle child, Haig.  (Or Haigy as most of us still call him.  He prefers Haigster these days as he approaches his 5th birthday.)  His little best friend is Addie Belle.  Her name is Addie Marie but she prefers Addie Belle and since she is his “princess” he basically does whatever pleases her.

They were only born a few weeks apart (Addie is older) and have hit every mile stone together.  They are even in the same class.  Last year they had the same teacher at different times but we requested to have them moved to the same time, because they said they missed each other.

So here are a few of the precious pictures of them through the years.  They just make me smile.  They love to dance together and when we were at Disneyworld Haig cried himself to sleep the first night because he missed Addie so much and said it would “have all been so much better if Addie was there.”

They both love to eat, particularly cupcakes

They both love to eat, particularly cupcakes

Again sharing a meal and a juice box

Again sharing a meal and a juice box

Cheerleader and frat boy?

Cheerleader and frat boy?


This is how I found them today during rest time:)


3 Responses to “Two peas in a pod”

  1. Gina Says:

    Such a sweet post!! I, too, have enjoyed watching them grow together. I miss that I can’t see the daily connection that they have. I bet they are a hoot in class together this year. They are so sweet!! I can’t stop calling him Haigy, either, even though he told me that was not his name. I love all your kids!!

  2. Crystal Says:

    That was so sweet!! They really do love each other, love to dance together, and be best friends. I am so glad that they are in the same class this year as well- they never got to see each other last year. Thanks for the great blog!

  3. How incredibly sweet! They are growing up so fast! Blink your eyes and they will be teenagers…..and um….you might want to monitor the alone time during those years! LOL! They are both cutie patooties! Wish I saw them more 😦

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