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Small harbors October 27, 2008

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We don’t always have time for grand departures to wonderful retreats or resorts where we can be refreshed and renewed. That is why I treasure small harbors. They are all around us waiting to let us catch our breath before the next wind carries us away.
Sheila Walsh

I feel like that is where we are as a family right now and I am so grateful.  We are in a small harbor, resting.


2 Responses to “Small harbors”

  1. jenny Says:

    us, too. thank you.

  2. i love the name of your blog!! that could be the theme of my life, except the other way around, and i’m trying to reverse the routine by the grace of God.

    i enjoy a lot of the same things you enjoy, esp. crunching leaves in the fall, reading–do share what you have been enjoying lately–, making new friends, and justice.

    i’m looking forward to meeting you and the other NSFlorence gals. i was part of a church start-up for 6 years, and it was one of the best experiences of my life! the gals you have by your side will experience some amazing works of God together, so hold on!

    see you in 13 days…

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