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Family Night #4, Halloween Fun! October 28, 2008

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Halloween is upon us, and it makes for a super fun Family Night!  We had Curious George, Mickey Mouse, Sir “Candy”-A-Lot and Dash present.  The mommies were witches (imagine that:) and the daddies were Frankensteins.

We had a spider web full of little surprises and each little fellow had a chance to crawl through and pick some treats.  Then we had an obstacle course of witches hats and pumpkins that involved going in circles and lots of jumping:)

Aren't they cute?

Aren't they cute?

Mickey picking treats from the spiderweb.

Mickey picking treats from the spiderweb.

Then we moved inside and the boys colored fun monster posters while Mark cooked up some yummy grilled cheese pumpkins and bats.

Coloring fun

Coloring fun

We ate brain soup, pumpkin and bat grilled cheese sandwiches, and witch finger cheetos.  For dessert Vanessa made yummy spider cupcakes and a surprise witches brew (sorbet with ginger ale and gummi worms crawling out.)  They were a hit!

We ended the evening with a flashlight game.  We talked about the importance of following The Light.  We looked at Psalm 119:105 that shows us God’s Word is our light.  That is how we know which “way to go.”  And then in Matthew 5 Jesus explains how He calls US to be a light to the world and the only way we can do that is when we are filled with Him. We also talked about how important and helpful it is to have someone else helping us when we are following the Light.  Having friends and other families encourage us and help us make good choices is super important.

We did decide that the adults are far more tired at the end of Family Nights then the kids:)  Such fun though!  And hopefully many memories are made…


8 Responses to “Family Night #4, Halloween Fun!”

  1. gillian Says:

    I love reading about your family nights! I hope it will eventually encourage me to get out of my so not creative box and try one for myself…I’m curious how you come up with what bible verse(s) to tie it all together? I’ve followed a few blogs that do family nights, but none that finish it in The Word.

  2. erikaivory Says:

    Thanks Gillian:) Mostly we just brainstorm and try to find something related to the topic that the kids can apply in their own lives on their own level. I also use other resources for jump-off ideas. My favorite is by Focus On the Family called Heritage Builders. Christian Character Qualities Family Nights Tool Chest. They have a whole series that have interactive family devotions. They are great! Thanks for the encouraging comment!

  3. Michelle Says:

    What a nice post on your family night. What a valuable lesson you added in with the light aspect- way to go- growing God’s boys! I found you through the blog party and I will be there!! I look forward to “getting to know you” through your blog before we meet!

  4. Vanessa Says:

    Michael and I were just talking last night on the way home about what a great job you do with tying in a devotion into family night. We love it and think you and Mark do such a great job discipling your children – that’s what it’s all about. I think it’s so great that they see it done in such a fun way too. You’ve been such a great example to us in how you do this. THANK YOU!!!!!

  5. erika Says:

    Thank you so much Vanessa! That means the world. It really is the most important part of the night, yet sometimes I feel a bit insecure in that area of the evening and that is what I want to “stick” the most:) So thank you for the encouragement. I wouldn’t want you to feel like I was being annoying with that element of the evening:)

  6. Kelly Says:

    How do you find the time? Great job!

  7. gillian Says:

    thanks so much for the resource information!

  8. […] Erika has done a great job of incorporating a short devotion at the end of each family night. It’s such a good way to end the fun evening – by talking with our children about what really matters. It’s a treat to be around such good examples of what it truly means to disciple your children. We’ve always heard that if we want to learn something from someone (about marriage, kids, finances) to ask someone who is doing it well. We not only get to ask, but be part of this process and learn from them. […]

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