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Halloween Fun November 1, 2008

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My two favorite parts of trick or treating tonight…

After the first couple of houses Eli gets the idea that if you ring the door bell, most likely some nice big person WILL give him candy.  So then after each house he asks, “Are we going to another house for candy? Are we doing it again?”  He stumbles along in his cute little Mickey Mouse costume determined to keep up with his brothers and get more candy!

And (this was my favorite part of Halloween as a kid too, when we did get to trick or treat…that’s another post) when we all were laying on the floor in a circle with a big pile of candy in front of us.  Tonight we each took turns picking which candy we wanted.  It was so cute and so fun!

Pat went trick or treating with us and when we got back we changed into warm jammies, drank hot chocolate and watched Charlie Brown Pumpkin show.  So fun!

I am also so thankful that my boys were so easy to please this year with their costumes.  McCall wanted to be a knight so we used our Armor of God and just rigged up a “Sir Candy A Lot” title with duct tape, Haig was Dash from the Incredibles just like last year and Eli wore the Mickey Mouse costume that both his brothers have worn in years past.  It was nice not to have to buy new costumes.

We borrowed a big old wagon from Kimberly and Toby which made the boys happy and meant less whining.  And the neighborhood behind us is great for trick or treating.  There are lots of families with little ones.  And this year we didn’t try to fit in festivals and visiting relatives across town.  We simplified with one activity and it made for a nice, calm and super fun Halloween:)


3 Responses to “Halloween Fun”

  1. maura Says:

    Oh how awesome!! Reilley had a blast T or T’ing too. I will be posting pics as soon as I can get them from Mardy. I’m eager to see a post about when you did get to go T or T’ing because I don’t remember ever going myself.

  2. Angie Watford Says:

    Hey Erika, I just read your article in She Magazine! When do you have time to blog, post pictures, review books, write for She etc!? I want to know your secret! I enjoyed the article. With my 3 crazy boys, I really can’t imagine tripling our size either.
    We need to get all our boys together sometime. angie

  3. Sounds like a blast! My daughter was Minnie Mouse. It was the cutest costume ever. So fun when they can be something cute, it won’t be long before it will be Hannah Montana! ugh.

    We have friends named Kim & Toby too:-)

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