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Did you know? November 2, 2008

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Here are some random things you might not know about me (you might not care either, sorry:)

  • I have a whale phobia, yes whales.  I have reocurring nightmares about them.
  • I love to snowski and used to be pretty good at it too.  In elementary school we lived in Breckenridge, CO and part of the weekly PE program was snowskiing lessons.
  • I shave my legs every day.  Unshaven legs is a very, very unlikely ocurrence in my life.  I can’t stand it and now Mark is spoiled.
  • A 15 minute shower is the norm for me, at least now that my kids are a touch older.  It takes a while to shave my legs!
  • In college used to love to walk on the barrier wall of the sixth floor of a parking garage in downtown Charleston.  I don’t really struggle with a fear of heights.  It really is fun:)  Apparently I was a monkey as a toddler as well.
  • I played the violin in high school and college.
  • I spent a weekend vacationing on the shore of the Black Sea.  It was absolutely gorgeous.
  • I really enjoy watching Phineas and Ferb.
  • I get lost very, very easily.  Just about anywhere.
  • I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 17.
  • I don’t cry often (unless I am pregnant.)  And I certainly don’t cry in public UNLESS I am mad.  Then I have a hard time controlling the tears.  So if you see me crying…watch out.  I would get out of the way.  Yeah it is kind of weird.  Commercials, movies, real life sad situations, death, sickness, those things affect me but don’t produce tears usually.  But tick me off and the floodgates open.  Don’t try to analyze me, please, you might make me mad:)

Random I know:)  Anybody else want to share?


3 Responses to “Did you know?”

  1. mauraprelich Says:

    So I guess the monkey climbing Eli gets from you?? That is funny. I shave maybe once a week, if I am lucky, very often every 10+ days. But thats mostly due to the fact that I barely get 5 minutes to bathe. I know that will change once Layla gets a bit older.
    The first night I met Ben I was actually going on a double date with his roommate and a friend of mine was supposed to come as Ben’s date, she didn’t show up. Later that night my friend met up with us and we all went camping at the KOA at exit 33 off I95. Going camping with two strange guys from ATL was the craziest thing I ever did, but the best thing because I got to meet my future husband that night. I don’t recommend going camping with strange men though, just for the record. 🙂

  2. notsoserioulsy Says:

    I loved reading these facts about you and learning new things! We have some things in common – I too get lost VERY, VERY easily and also got my drivers license when I was 17, I think (I was already in college – drove in Mexico during HS without a license – yikes!). However, I love long showers (15 minutes in short) and I definitely do not shave my legs every day, especially during the winter!

  3. Melanie Says:

    I can relate to the daily shaving…except that’s my desire, not my actuality. It used to be until the second baby came along…now I’m doing good to get in the shower at all!

    Also, I don’t cry easily either. If you see me crying, it’s because someone hurt my feelings or I’m overwhelmed about something. Other than that, I don’t usually shed tears.

    Thanks for sharing!!

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