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Family Nights #5 and #6 November 13, 2008

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We did Voting Night the eve before elections.  We made our own voting booth with ballots.  We voted on dinner and had posters and “I Voted” stickers.  Cheese Pizza and Ooey Gooey Chocolate Croissants won for our menu.  Someone came on tv (wink, wink) and announced the winner and balloons were released!

Our Voting Booth

Our Voting Booth

Our ballot

Our ballot

Balloon release

Balloon release

The kids helped make dessert while we waited for the pizza.  After dinner we talked about God’s Sovereignty and the importance of both the freedom of religion and praying for our leaders.  It was a fun night.  Vanessa posts about it here too.

Tonight the Browns were not able to join us but the boys were asking about family night so we went ahead with Wipe Out Night.  This summer we enjoyed watching the game show Wipe Out.  The contestants fight through crazy obstacle courses that involve lots of mud, water and falling.  We found Eli pretending to be on the show a couple of times so we thought they might enjoy a real obstacle course:)

We had a might man’s meal with chicken legs, loaded mashed potatoes and hearty green beans.  We talked over dinner about how the contestants on Wipe Out all wear protective gear and our spiritual man needs protective gear.  God provides that in the Armor of God.  We talked about the different pieces and how they protect us.

Then our contestants donned their protective gear: swim vests, swimmies and goggles:)  They had to run up the stairs while stuffed animals were flying toward them, climb over a bed, behind a chair, then swing from Eli’s swing (yes he has an IKEA swing in his room), under a desk, find a little brown dog in a laundry basket full of stuffed animals, over a bed and then back down the stairs while balls were flying at them.  It was so, so fun!

First picture try

First picture try

our tough contestants

our tough contestants

Check Heather’s blog to find more fun ideas from lots of creative folks for family nights!  I highly recommend trying a family night.  The memories, laughter and fun are totally worth a little prep time and planning ahead:)


8 Responses to “Family Nights #5 and #6”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    Ooooh! What a fun night. I hate that we missed it. We may have to do a wipe out night again at some point. 🙂

  2. gillian Says:

    Ooey Gooey Chocolate Croissants? do share the recipe!!! I just got back from my 33 week checkup and had to wait so long 🙂 that i was able to read the enitre November issue of SHE! magazine. I loved your article…what an incredible tribute and testimony to your parents! You and Cookie are talented writers!

  3. Amy Says:

    fun family night..cant wait to do some of these!!!!

  4. We voted for our election night dinner, too! Breakfast won out over here.

    Your family night looks like it was a blast — my son (the consummate superhero these days) would love a night like that. I might have to borrow your idea! 🙂

  5. maura Says:

    oh how fun! I can’t wait til the kids are a little older and we can do family nights!

  6. Mom Says:

    Oh, so very fun!! I want to start over with you all and do it right or at least better!!!! Love you,

  7. Michelle Says:

    OK I can do this. My boys rolled their eyes at me when I planned a bowling night (copied from Heather). They were happy for the family night and the food, just not crazy about bowling at the house… party poopers; although they said they’d rather just talk around the table so I’m not complaining. However, voting for the food seems right up their alley.

  8. starr Says:

    Love the “wipeout” fun! My boys loved that show too. Okay, so did I. 🙂

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