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Picture pages, picture pages… November 18, 2008

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I just couldn’t resist and I got that little jingle stuck in my head. Did anybody else love Bill Cosby and his picture pages? What I would give to have one of those cool pens he used…

I digress…I wanted to share some of the fun pictures from this weekend. We stayed in Greenville with our super friends Julie and Evan Baker and their sweet girls, Allie and Lauren. Oh and we can’t forget their dogs Tucker and Taffy. We ate well, spent a great afternoon in the splendid fall weather in downtown Greenville. For those of you that have never done downtown Greenville, you really need to go. There is a cool bridge, a gorgeous waterfall, fun shops… I love it!

Eli loving on Tucker, he is the only one without dog allergies

Eli loving on Tucker, he is the only one without dog allergies

Family picture on the bridge over Reedy Falls

Family picture on the bridge over Reedy Falls

Eli was loving it, and yes ended up wet

Eli was loving it, and yes ended up wet

The gang, my how they've grown

The gang

Playing in the leaves

Playing in the leaves

Leaf fight!

Leaf fight!

It was a great, fun weekend.  We went to Newspring in Greenville and the service was amazing!  We saw quite a few friends which is always fun and even made it home in time for our first home group meeting!  Our two night stay at the Baker Bed and Breakfast was so fun and refreshing:)


7 Responses to “Picture pages, picture pages…”

  1. Robin Says:

    Beautiful pictures! The B & B sounds yummy!
    Thank you for your comment yesterday, you may have been having an off day but you were hearing from the Father, I so needed a little encouragement.
    Appreciated Sista~ Blessings~

  2. Vanessa Says:

    Love the pictures of the kids playing in the leaves – so cute! Glad you had a good weekend.

  3. starr Says:

    What great, fun pictures!

    Just got your comment – and yes, so far everyone has managed to stay healthy! Whew!

  4. Julie Baker Says:

    Love the pictures! I have to get it together and look at mine. Will send them if there are any good ones!! We had a great time this weekend – thanks for sharing it with us! Did you find Eli’s sweater? Lauren woke up at 4 am Sunday night…she missed her Haig! 🙂

  5. Cookie Says:

    How fun! The bridge pic is great, and the leaves look too fun. Glad we got to peek at you and worship together, but we’re missin’ our Chaps!

  6. Becky Mason Says:

    Aw, I love the pics! Going to the Falls was a weekend tradition for us when we lived in Greenville. It was walk around the Falls and then we would head to Mass General for coke and popcorn and sit in the rocking chairs in the back of Mass. Great times and great memories!

  7. Michelle Says:

    OK, so I’m catching up on your blog tonight. How neat to see and I guess really be introduced more and more to your family and what a lovely family they are… at least in the pics.. *smile*

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