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Lend a Hand! November 19, 2008

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Many of you have heard of precious little Kole Miller. He is from Florence and is a sweet 4 year old boy that has a brain tumor.  He is currently with his parents at St. Jude’s seeking treatment since the tumor is inoperable.

Young Chef’s Academy is hosting a BBQ fundraiser today, Wednesday Nov. 19th from 11-2pm for $8 a plate.  There are also many donated baked goods to purchase as well.  So please, please spread the word and stop by YCA and pick up a couple of plates.

And if you don’t like BBQ or need to eat it, then buy a plate and take one to someone who would like it.  Your local fireman, your child’s teacher, your husband, sister or the gas station attendant.  Lend a hand and as a community let’s help bless this family during this challenging season.

If you want to follow Kole’s journey check out his care page at

You can also follow these precious families’ stories:

I am addicted and so glad because their stories push me to PRAY and be content with every moment I get to enjoy my children:)  Enjoy your BBQ!


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