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A dozen Eli moments November 25, 2008

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What's next?

What's Next?

I thought I would share a few of Eli’s recent shenanigans.  He keeps me laughing and on my toes:)  He is currently not feeling well and this has temporarily slowed him down.  I am not quite sure what to do with myself when he is not getting into something.

Over the past two weeks:

– He somehow reached my razor out of the shower ( I think he may have used a shower curtain rod to knock it down unless he scaled the shower like Spiderman) and cut his finger.  I was packing for our Greenville trip and was quickly using the bathroom when I heard him calling, “Mommy I scrap -ed my finger!”  He sounded a little distressed but Mark found him and the trail of blood first.  Turned out to be minor thank goodness.

– When I got out of the shower he informed me that he had cut his hair like a “hair cutter man” but he put the hair in the trash can and didn’t make a mess…”You happy wit me Mommy?”  The damage was minimal, although it was in the front, and I taught him the word barber.

– When we were visiting the Bakers in Greenville he was being unusually quiet so we went looking for him and found him at Julie’s vanity, on the phone and applying a thick line of her mascara like a football player under his eye.

-Another time I went looking for him at the Baker’s house and found him in their walk-in shower.  It really is a very cool shower.  It is pretty tile, with a bench in it and see through glass door.  He had taken his socks off and was lying down on the bench on his back, just lounging with his hands back under his head, chillin’.

– While in Greenville we visited a fun toy store downtown.  I was walking back and forth through the small but tightly filled store trying to keep up with the three boys.  It is one of those stores where they have a lot of toys kids can actually play with and climb on.  Well Eli was playing on the slide but when I turned back around I found him exiting from the door to the back room/employee only area with a children’s push broom.  He said he was cleaning up.  An employee came out to retrieve the broom.  Thankfully she didn’t realize he had been back there but apparently it was a broken broom that somehow he found while back there:)  He was trying to clean up at least!

– Another morning I quickly ran upstairs to put away clothes until I heard him talking while walking up the stairs.  Apparently he answered my phone and was having a long conversation with my friend Erin.  She was laughing hysterically by the time I got the phone from him.  She said he told her his full name, “Char-luls E-lum Chapa man”.  Said he didn’t know where his mommy was and was telling her about his brothers.

– We were at my same friend Erin’s house the other day and on the way into their new house he saw an almost empty paint can with a paint roller in it.  I set it to the side and directed him in the house.  As I was loading the car to leave I sent him outside to play.  When I went to find him to put him in the car, he had found the roller and was painting the outside of their house.  Thankfully most of the paint was frozen so he did not do much damage.  Sheesh!

– When I ran back inside to wash his hands and then explain to Erin and apologize for why she has paint on her nice brick house….I then ran back outside to put him in his car seat but couldn’t find him.  He was inside Erin’s new minivan playing.  He loves playing in people’s cars!

-Oh I almost forgot.  Before the paint incident the kids were all playing upstairs, but I was not hearing enough noise so I ran upstairs to check on the crew.  Eli somehow found a long metal curtain rod with a pink glass ball at the end in the closet.  He was using it as his “whippin'” (that is what he calls weapons) and he was the guard.  He was closing all the screaming, giggling little girls into the closet and turning the light off to make them squeal.  To take some of the shock off him, one of the little girls had a curtain rod too and the whole crew was enjoying this game immensely.

– One morning he didn’t realize I was watching him and he turned on the fireplace.  Didn’t realize he knew how to do that!  Glad I know now!

– This evening I heard a big thud coming from the living room.  No crying so I didn’t hurry but when I entered the living room, Eli was standing on the dinner table with a mop turned upside down, mopping our ceiling.  The table was sprinkled with white popcorn from the ceiling.  Thankfully dinner was not on the table at the time!  The thud was apparently when he jumped off the table b/c when I said, “Eli, please stop and get down from there!”  He made a flying leap off the table with a big smile:)  Thus the thud.

– And finally, to make this an even dozen, he has learned that he is charming.  So whenever he sees me beginning to get frustrated or upset with him he quickly cocks his little blonde head and says, “You pretty Mommy!” Yes that is sweet and I love it, but no it does not get him out of trouble!

These pictures are of a classic Eli pouting moment and then his wrath when he realized we were laughing at him:)  Gotta love it!

The classic pout!

The classic pout!

The wrath of Eli

The wrath of Eli

PS Mark just commented that I haven’t posted about McCall recently.  Don’t worry, I have a great one about my oldest little man coming soon:)


4 Responses to “A dozen Eli moments”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    Love that boy! 🙂

  2. Vanessa Says:

    And, all your boys.

  3. Julie Baker Says:

    Love it! Love it! Love it! Don’t forget when he got in your car and pulled out his presents you had bought him at the toy store! He was super happy that you had bought him all those things!!

  4. Kelly Says:

    I must confess, I read this, laughed, and then told all the kids that they HAVE to help keep an eye on Eli tomorrow. Who knows what he might think of next!

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