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Garland of Gratitude November 26, 2008

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One of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions is making our Garland of Gratitude.  We use our handy leaf templates (click on the Garland link and it will lead you to these) and make leaves.  The boys each write or draw things on the leaves for which they are thankful.  We then string them up and use them to add a little fall decoration to the house.  This is about as crafty as I get but it is fun and they even asked this year when we were going to do it!

This was our laid back Family Night for this week.  We picked up a fast food dinner because I spent pretty much the entire day with Eli at the doctor’s and then the hospital getting a chest x-ray to make sure we are not dealing with pneumonia.  Thankfully it appears it is just a nasty bronchitis like cold.  So because of that dinner was quick and easy.

We made our Garland and the boys really were into listing things they were thankful for.  They even used both sides of every leaf.  We ended the evening by watching Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving special and eating popcorn with the fireplace on.  Fun and laid back.

Last week’s family night was also a laid back change of plans.  The Browns and the Chapmans had a crazy, busy week so last minute we changed our family night to Pajama Night.  We made omelets in a bag, popped popcorn, all wore our jammies and watched a movie together.  So fun and relaxing.  My pictures are somehow lost so check out Vanessa’s pics and blog on it if you are interested:)  Hopefully we will get back to better planning in December.  You can find great family night ideas at Heather’s blog if you want to try some out on your own!

Garland of Gratitude

Garland of Gratitude




3 Responses to “Garland of Gratitude”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    What a great family night for you guys. I feel very special too – Mightke and Venesa and Mathan made it on the garland – what an honor! 🙂 Sorry to hear Eli isn’t feeling well.

  2. Wonderful idea! Happy Thanksgiving to the Chapman clan!!

  3. Michelle Says:

    We made a Garland of Gratitude on Thanksgiving day! What a great idea- thanks.

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