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In a Funk December 2, 2008

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I know it has been forever since I have blogged. I am in a funk. I am a true extrovert so usually being around people fills me up but for the last 3-4 weeks everything seems like an effort. I have been quite a hermit and enjoying it. I don’t want to talk on the phone, read, blog, read blogs, be social, go out, exercise, nothing. I know poor me. Don’t pity me, just trying to explain my silence and lack of communication.

I am sure it will pass but if I randomly blog and am inconsistent during this season, I am asking for grace. I am excited about Christmas and loving celebrating this time with my boys. Just can’t seem to shake the funk. When I am social I have done a pretty good job at faking my funkiness and not being Debbie Downer for the most part, but if you happen to see me out and about in my overalls, just know I am having a less than best day.

On to better news. Updates are: We had a terrific Thanksgiving with my sister Kelly’s family in Charleston and then the rest of the weekend was busy with housework but fun, restful family time. We celebrated Eli’s upcoming bday w/ Mark’s side of the family. My little rockstar received a miniature drum set, electric guitar and microphone. Now he is asking Santa for a keyboard:) Seriously he rocks out. I will share pics soon.

Mark organized the attic and reinsulated it Wow, I know! He is now in Orlando for training until the 12th. We miss him tons already but also are so jealous that he is so close to Disneyworld! Eli has been fighting a nasty case of bronchitis with fever for almost a week but he finally seems to be on the better side of it and we are also in day #3 of big boy pants. Mommy is finally getting off her duff and pottytraining:)

Also my great bro, Karl, inspired me to focus more on Advent this year with my boys. We have a fun calendar castle that we do every day of December where we have a question for the boys that relates to the Christmas story. This is fun but learning about Advent and celebrating it has been our new addition to this. I went to buy an advent wreath but howdy those are expensive so we just bought little candles, three purple, one pink and a white one and put them on a pretty candle plate and voila it works just as well.

So we are focusing on this season of preparing our hearts for the Advent (the Coming) of our Emmanuel. This week’s candle is the Prophecy candle of Hope. My goal this weekend was to come up with some verses for Advent as well. My great friend Jenny provided these for me though on her blog today.  I also found a neat women’s devotional/Bible study focused on Advent that I am trying to work on as well.

I have so much to be thankful for and God is so good to me and mine.  I realize I need to be better at discipline and balance.  Perhaps this has to do with my funk:)  So with that being said instead of staying up forever on the computer I am off to put my little house in order, spend some time with the Reason for this season and then hopefully get the rest I need to clear my head and be the momma my little men need in just a few hours.  That’s silly it may be just a few minutes:)  Thanks for hanging in with me friends!


8 Responses to “In a Funk”

  1. maura Says:

    Sis, I totally feel you. I feel like I’m finally getting out of my funk, hopefully I wasn’t contagious and brought you into it?! It was like I was in this foggy period all month and nothing could bring me out or cheer me up. This past Sunday was the first week we have been back at church in the past 2 months, and we live less than a mile from there! Of course Ben working 6 days a week was our main excuse, but I could have made more of an effort. Praise the Lord I’m finally healed and I’ll be praying for you through this funky time. I miss you terribly and find myself daydreaming about the precious time we had together earlier this year, but am so blessed to have those memories. Hope to hear from/see you soon! Love you Lots!

  2. Kelly Says:

    Thanks for being so open and vulnerable. I will be praying for you also. I seem to be coming out of one that has lasted way longer than it should have. It is great to begin feeling better and better all the time–maybe back to normal now, whatever that is. It is amazing how the Lord can use our desperation to draw us near, and that He is faithful to restore our joy. He is able to bear fruit in our lives even in our darkest hours! Love you! Kelly

  3. ramsey72 Says:

    I have come to the realization that funks are just apart of life. It sounds like you have this one under control and it will pass. I find in my funks that even though I may withdraw from people, i find myself drawing closer to God. It is those times that I just don’t want to be anywhere else. Once I have been there for awhile, then I feel refreshed to go back to life as I know it!

  4. Melanie Says:

    I think I’ve been in a funk for a year now! Hope you bounce back soon. Good luck with Mark out of town. William leaves for a week soon too. Hope to see you before Christmas, but if not, have a very merry Christmas!

  5. Michelle Says:

    Enjoy your down time. See you when you return!

  6. Cookie Says:

    Love you, dear friend! Keepin’ you close in my prayers.

  7. Vanessa Says:

    I can totally relate. I’ve had several funky periods during the past six months and I am sure there are more to come. Praying for you and know that if you need a little distraction we would love to see you – stop by anytime – oh, we should make cookies! 🙂 Come on over one morning and let’s bake and drink hot cocoa.

  8. Alli Says:

    I just love you Erika…and I think you’re great!!

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