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Ooohhh, whales! December 5, 2008

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Many of you know that I have a whale phobia. I don’t know why. I have had nightmares about whales all of my life. They don’t come often but when they do, wow! And when I see them on tv,(as you can imagine I have never really seen a whale in person, thankfully, which makes my husband even more amused by my strange phobia)I get a panicked feeling. Short of breath, sweating, but clammy skin, a bit nauseous.

About a year ago McCall came to me one morning and told me he had a nightmare about a whale. What is that about!!!! I had never mentioned my phobia to him. Last night he came to me in the early morning in tears because of a whale nightmare. He was still talking about the dream tonight. What in the world? Anyone want to analyze that craziness?


10 Responses to “Ooohhh, whales!”

  1. maura Says:

    It may seem like a silly thing, but I believe that we pass on our fears to our children without even knowing it. I would pray about it and ask the Lord to show you where this fear came from for you and you never know it could be a very reasonable fear from something that happened or that you watched when you were little. Then pray with and for McCall that the fear would leave him. And when you are feeling like you are over the fear go on a whale watching cruise! hehe 🙂

  2. Kim Says:

    Well, Damon has those dreams too and has a fear of whales so go figure!

  3. Cookie Says:

    I have so been meaning to apologize for the Sea World post!

  4. Michelle Says:

    Weird. Is this phobia bad? I mean do you think it’s an unhealthy fear? I guess perhaps it is if it’s a nightmare. I agree with the above post about praying about it with your son and giving it to the Lord. How about reading and learning more about whales, perhaps even…. do I dare say… a whale watch? Do a google search about whale dreams. Keep us posted, this is strangely intersting to me.

  5. Kelly Says:

    Wow, that’s random! I didn’t know that about Damon either! Could it be, that just as we pass on physical characteristics and character traits to our kids, there is a physical component that can contribute to our fears? I suppose it wouldn’t sound so random if we said, ” Several people in my family have a fear of heights,” or “We Edmonds don’t do well with spiders. ” I think it is bcs fear of whales seems more unusual that makes this seem strange. It goes back to your other post though. Our feelings, even feelings of fear, are unreliable. The only reliable constant is God and His Word. Obeying, trusting, and loving Him, despite our feelings, is what we are called to, and is what will bear fruit and glorify the Lord. Not sure how this applies to whales, but there seemed to be an interesting connection btwn posts. Love you! Kelly

  6. Karl Edmond Says:

    There are lots of common dream symbols. having all of your teeth crumble and fall a part is one that comes to mind immediately. Thats just one example of a strange but common dream scenario. I haven’t heard specifically about whales but the question is what do whales mean to you or symbolize? It is likely that they mean similar things to many people and thus could be seen in many peoples dreams. If you do have a dream repetitively it is likely connected to something deeper and you are trying to tell yourself something or God is trying to tell you something. when looking into dreams ask what your strongest feeling in the dream is. Then consider what the dream setting is and either what that place means to you or when you were there before. Finally look at the characters in the story. Who are you in the dream? What is the story taking place in the dream? Hopefully that is helpful.

  7. jenny Says:

    hey, just wanted you to know, I’ve been praying for you while Mark is away in training… you’re such a great mom and encouragement for me. I was thinking that this morning and thought I’d let you in on my morning thoughts.. 🙂 Have a great day!

  8. Cookie Says:

    That darn Jonah! If only he had gone to Nineveh…

  9. Kara Says:

    I’m sorry, but that’s FUNNY!

  10. jeremiah Says:

    I think you read Moby Dick too many times! That is why I stayed away from the book! =)
    I agree with what Karl said. There are many things that strangely occur often in dreams, like the breaking teeth. I actually just had a few teeth dreams for the first time recently. Other friends of mine have them constantly.
    I dont remember ever having whale dreams but after a quick google search I found several references to them. Mostly they were calm dreams but I would do some googling if you havent already, and maybe come visit us and we will go see the whale sharks at the ATL aquarium! =)

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