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January 1, 2009

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What an amazing, busy, fun month December has been!  The holidays have been full of memory making moments. Get ready for lots of pictures, but I had to do a brief catch up!

Eli’s 3rd birthday! He received drums, a microphone and an electric guitar:)

Eli's birthday gifts created the Chapman band

Eli's birthday gifts created the Chapman band

Christmas Craft Night with Nonnie! We had so much fun!

Christmas Craft night with Nonnie

Christmas Craft night with Nonnie

Mark was gone for two weeks for training in Orlando and when he came home we went to NC for the weekend to visit family and cut down our Christmas tree.  This is the second year we have done that and we LOVE it!  Although I think the boys liked the tiny bit of snow we saw and the mud much more than picking out a tree:)  Notice how proud Mark looks and the boys are not excited about posing for the picture.

Cutting down our Christmas tree in NC

Cutting down our Christmas tree in NC

Here is our neat Christmas Garland.  Thanks Robin for the idea!

Our fun Christmas Garland

Our fun Christmas Garland

Decorating the Christmas tree is my most favorite part of Christmas.  I love, love, love hanging each ornament and telling the boys the memory behind each one.  McCall loves it too:)


A Birthday Party for Jesus was one of our family nights with the Browns.  Lots of fun and gave me a chance to try out this fun, new cake pan.  I also made way too many Christmas cookies this year.  Thanks again to Robin for the perfect sugar cookie frosting recipe!  I so love making cookies!

Happy Birthday Party for Jesus

Happy Birthday Party for Jesus

We, of course, made a gingerbread house this year and I was amazed at how fun and non-stressful it was:)

Making a gingerbread house

Making a gingerbread house

We also had a Christmas Eve drop-in, drove around to see local Christmas lights (McCall fell asleep), went to see the Christmas lights at the zoo and bumped into our favorite friends the Bausmiths which was fun.  We enjoyed a Christmas Newspring service which was awesome.  We traveled to the upstate to visit with more family, spent a day in Charleston seeing my parents and the Pereas.  Grandma Chapman spent the night with us Christmas Eve and it was such a blessing sharing Christmas morning with her.

The children were above board blessed by Santa and family this year.  Oh I almost forgot!  Our couch came in on the 23rd! I will include pictures soon because I have to say it made me such a happy camper:)  We have had a tremendous Christmas.

We spent New Year’s Eve snuggled down at home.  We celebrated old school and pulled out a Christmas present.  Last night we played Disney Scene It which I highly recommend but tonight the boys and I broke in Lite Bright.  I haven’t done that in about 20 plus years but I forgot how much fun it is!  So it has been a great night!  Happy New year everybody!


Old School Lite Bright

Old School Lite Bright


4 Responses to “”

  1. Ruthie Says:

    First, I LOVED MY LITE BRIGHT! llol

    Your family pictures are wonderful. What great memories you will all have. We used to cut down our tree and it was great fun. Your Birthday party for Jesus was a great picture of the true meaning of Christmas.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Kelly Says:

    Belive it or not, we have an even older-school light bright than that. Your old-school version is our newer one. Happy New Year! Thanks so much for the blog–it is so fun to check in and see what you are up too!

  3. Michelle Says:

    What a wonderful Christmas season you had, and a light bright! Yea!!! Plus your birthday cake looks yummy! Happy New Year!

  4. Robin Says:

    How did I miss these pictures?!?!?!
    I hadn’t thought of light brites in ages but it used to be one of my favorite things to play with!
    I’m hungry for cake now!!!
    And your mitten garland was amazing!!!!! I’m so excited to see it that I can’t stand it!!!
    love to you today~

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