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He invaded my spaces January 12, 2009

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Today was a pretty big day in the Chapman household.  Newspring Florence had its official public launch today.  We have been meeting as beta services twice a month since October.  So much history working toward this point.  Two and a half years of praying and waiting and learning….

So today was awesome! We started with two identical services and over 300 people showed up!  Amazing!  Mark and I were literally speechless.  We saw people walk through the doors that we have prayed for and hoped would come and they came.  But there are so many, many more that didn’t come so we continue to pray and invest and pray some more!

Yes, we may sound like fanatics.  But it isn’t because of Newspring it is because of Christ.  He transforms lives.  He invades the spaces within us that we want to keep private and closed because we think people are just better off not knowing about them.  We think they will like us better if they never see those places, and honestly we aren’t proud of those private places but we have no idea what to do with them so we close them off, barricade around them and pretend we don’t smell the rot coming from behind the door.

Or better yet we decorate the door and make it look as pretty and celebrated as possible so hopefully we even begin to believe the lie that the corruption and brokenness is okay and we are okay.  Sometimes we even make a shrine of that very torn and broken area that is causing us so, so much pain.  It is better to elevate it and make it important and seem grand than to face the fact that we need help and maybe the very Being that created us may be the only One that can fix it and make it beautiful and functional and right again.

Jesus is fixing my broken areas. He is bit by bit healing my hurts and not just bandaging them, covering them, putting a pretty bandaid on them,… no He is healing them and making them forever healed.  It is more wonderful than I can express.  But it has nothing to do with me, my work or my goodness or my perfection.  I asked Him to invade my space and as I ask Him into my broken areas He is doing His work.

There is lots of brokenness so it takes a while.  I am so a work in progress.  And no, honestly it doesn’t always feel “good” but each time He is done with an area the freedom I feel makes it  all worth while.  This amazing cleansing process has changed my life and my perspective.  Everyone needs Jesus.  All of us have “stuff” that only He can heal and make new.

That is why I continue to invite people to Newspring.  That is whay I continue to pray for people I love.  I may be obnoxious, annoying and over the top at times.  I try not to come across that way, but the reason I can’t let it go is because His grace is way too amazing.  So I wish I could say this will die down.  But heaven forbid it does.  I love you and the invitations and prayers will keep coming.  Because whether you realize it or admit it right now or not, the Truth is we ALL NEED JESUS!


4 Responses to “He invaded my spaces”

  1. Kara Says:

    I like it! I don’t think you come across too strong. You are His and it shows! God is faithful, I’m excited He showed up this morning with 300 people following. Searching for answers, searching for Jesus……wether they know it or not. I love you Erika, God’s kingdom is here- in your heart. That is something to celebrate (and share).

  2. Julie Baker Says:

    God is so good and you know we celebrate with you here at the Baker house! I have watched and prayed along with you that God would open doors and look what He has done! Amazing! Let us praise His name!

  3. Robin Says:

    Blessings Erica on this journey God has you on…hugs and smooches.

  4. Flossip Says:

    I am glad that your first service was a success!

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