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Another Eli funny January 13, 2009

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Tonight after bath Eli was looking really intently at his feet.  I asked him what was up and he said he was looking at the hairs on his feet.  I looked and realized that his feet were peeling just a little.  This really upset him.  He became very angry and started stomping around and said, “Well, my feet are going to peel all off.  I won’t have any feet!”  Very dramatic but very, very funny:)

So he gets a napkin and starts rubbing his feet trying to do what I am not sure.  I tried to explain to him that everyone’s skin peels sometimes and it will be okay.  He doesn’t believe me so I ask McCall to show him that his feet peel sometimes too.  That helps a little, although McCall can’t help but laugh at him some too.

Finally I decide maybe lotion will help.  I send him to get the bottle of lotion and when he doesn’t return I go in the bathroom to find that he has put handfuls of lotion on his feet and can’t get it off his hands so now he has his slippery self in the sink trying to wash the lotion off his hands.

I sent him to bed and so begins one of those nights where he comes down like 17 times.  Seriously.  Once I ran upstairs because I thought I heard him crying but he was wildly swinging from his swing like a monkey.  Once he came down with a toy cow to ask what these things are and what are they for?  The udders.  Sheesh!

I thought he was finally settled but again he comes down with the feet issue.  He is really getting deliriously tired by now and he wants to know how he can take his hands and head off because he wants to switch them.  And he is so very serious with this question.  I am silently asking, “Switch them with each other or someone else?”  But for sanity’s sake I refrain.

Okay last funny.  Last night he was restless and was crying out in his sleep, “One more ride!  One more ride!”  So when he woke up this morning he came downstairs and kept asking me where his dinosaur cookie was.  I told him I know nothing about a dinosaur cookie.  He said, ” I had it when I was riding the carousel, Mommy!”  Ah so he was dreaming about riding a carousel and eating dinosaur cookies, that explains it:)  Took a while to convince him it was all a dream.  Wish I had dreams like that.

Funny boy:)  Needless to say Mark has just left to get me some Cold Stone Creamery:)  Who needs dinosaur cookies?!


5 Responses to “Another Eli funny”

  1. jenny Says:

    girl you and I ARE Kindred Spirits… I’m sitting here.. laughing…in my pj’s…throwing DOWN some publix chocolate Moose Tracks.. I love ice cream… Enjoy yours!

  2. Cookie Says:

    Hey, friend!

    Got some lemonade for you on my site 🙂

  3. Julie Baker Says:

    Thanks for sharing a little Eli with us! Can always use a little Eli! 🙂 Go to Bruster’s and get him a Dinosaur sundae – it’s ice cream with a dinosaur cookie. Yum!

  4. Robin Says:

    Erica, I’m thinking Eli is going to be an amazing writer!
    What a personality this one has…delightful!

  5. Kelly Says:

    His cousins are lovin’ his stories. We try not to laugh though, cause “that’s not funny!”

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