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Fallen in love January 14, 2009

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Do you think you can fall in love even if you have never met someone?  Well my heart of course already belongs to Mark and my boys but over the past few months I have also fallen in love with a sweet and handsome little man that I met through the caring bridge site over the internet.  Some of you follow the courageous battles with cancer that Kole Miller and Bayler Teal have been fighting.  These are amazing families.

I have also started following the story of Seth Ewing.  His parents Trina and Gary have an amazing way with the written word and have truly brought me into their world.  I anxiously wait for the reports on Seth several times a week and I love hearing the hard and fun stories about Seth and his little sister Savvy.

They don’t know me other than a couple of comments that I have made in their journal.  But their journey has made me more thankful for each day and each healthy moment with my boys.  It has made me shut my mouth more often when I go to complain and it has honestly given me greater compassion and a stronger passion for prayer.

So would you please take a moment and pray for Seth Ewing.  He is fighting a rare form of leukemia and has had many difficult set backs over the past few months.  He is currently trying to recover from a fungal infection.  He has to overcome that so he can continue with his necessary treatments.  I would love for you to go to his site and read about him and see how handsome he is.  You cannot forget his eyes. It is not an easy read, but cancer isn’t pretty; and if it was your son or grandson or nephew wouldn’t you want people to pray and care?

Please pray for these new friends.  Strong, God-sized prayers.  The prayers of the saints are mighty my friends!


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