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What!!?? Cabbage??!! January 14, 2009

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On the way home from school the other day McCall asks me from the backseat,

McCall: “Mommy, did you put cabbage on your breasts when I was a baby?”

Me: “What!!”

McCall: “Mommy, did you put cabbage on your breasts when I was a baby?” (I was hoping I misunderstood the question, no such luck.  What in the world are they teaching my child at school?)

Me: stutter, sputter, breathe… “What makes you ask that?”

McCall: “My friend in school, her mom had a baby and said she is going to put cabbage on her breasts so the milk will stop coming for the baby because she doesn’t want it to come any more.  Did you do that too?”

Me: internally, ugh!  So began a rather lengthy discussion on breastfeeding, lactation, weaning, cabbage on breasts, etc.  We have not done the whole birds and bees discussion.  I always thought I would be one to do it super early.  I knew most everything on paper when I was 6.  I thought it was very healthy.  Now I am so pushing the envelope and do not want to have to do it anytime soon.

Save the innocence people!  Cabbage!  Seriously!


7 Responses to “What!!?? Cabbage??!!”

  1. mymilkspilt Says:

    I actually think that’s pretty cute. Kids are so curious. I also don’t think a discussion of lactation has to tie in with the ‘birds and bees talk’, does it? Couldn’t it instead become a discussion about where milk comes from (cows make it for calves) and that all mammals make milk for their babies? That’s pretty innocent, to me. Just a thought…

    • erikaivory Says:

      That is what it turned into. My son is soooo curious though that it doesn’t take much for conversations to become very medically minded. It is quickly approaching the day where his curiousity leads to the real conversation. Which is fine, at least he comes to me with his questions:)

  2. jenn Says:

    the fact that he’s coming to you with the question(s) is why you need to answer him factually. i didn’t get much education AT ALL, except one sitdown with my mom and one of her anatomy books (she’s a nurse), so i wanted to do it differently with our son.

    it’s NOT easy, but being forthright in your answer about this subject, even if it leads to a medically minded answer that includes pictures, can also include a conversation about how these subjects are private and better not discussed casually. encouraging him to continue bringing his questions to you will only facilitate better communication between you as he grows. that’s something you DEFINITELY want, since he’s a boy. they tend to clam up around age 11…

    be bold, be strong, for the Lord thy God is with you!

  3. Robin Says:

    Wow! That’s going to be a great story when everyone’s all grown up! Just wait!!!

  4. Julie Baker Says:

    Love it!!! Hang in there Erika! You’re doing a great job!!!

  5. maura Says:

    ha ha! You were the one that gave me the birds and the bees talk and I think I was about mccalls age and it wierded me out. I thought you were the craziest person in the world.

  6. erikaivory Says:

    I am sorry to say that I don’t remember that specific conversation but I am so sorry that weirded you out! Okay so now I am really nervous about having the conversation with my boys!

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