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My Sweet Little Man January 15, 2009

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Someone once told me that when you have a baby your heart leaves your body and walks around on earth. Sounds silly, but it really does describe a little bit of how it feels when you watch your child grow and develop. My Haigy turned 5 years old today.

He is such a joy and delight! He is so like his daddy in just about every way. He is a mini-Mark. He is so sweet-tempered, mild mannered, generally easy to please and wants to please those he loves. He has loved sports since before he could talk and his first word was not daddy or momma but ball. At less than 18 months of age he would snitch the remote and change the channel until he found the sport on that suited his fancy for that moment.

He loves to fall asleep listening to sports announcers on the radio. He also is into things with wheels, particularly fast ones. We gave him a bike that looks like a motorcycle for his birthday. He is not one for big emotional outbursts so he just smiled and said thanks. This bugs his big brother McCall who is one to show wild displays of emotion. At Christmas he tried to coach Haig on how to truly express appreciation for a gift. Too funny the way they are wired so differently.

Haig could catch and hit a ball for hours. I am a lousy pitcher so I have bought him numerous things that pitch to him but he still likes it best when Mark or I get out in the back yard with him. He is sooo patient. He really possesses so many of Mark’s great characteristics, like patience, compassion, being slow to speak and quick to listen, a tender heart, willingness to serve.


Have you ever seen so many yummy arm rolls?

Okay so enough of my gushing about my sweet, wonderful, precious little boy. Here are a couple of pictures that make me smile!




He is the middle child and ever the peace maker between his brothers.



Look at how serious he is taking this stance!


He loves, loves Dumbo and his Grandma!

One of my all time favorite Haigy photos

One of my all time favorite Haigy photos

I hate that this last photo is sideways.  But this is how I hope my relationship with my boys will always feel…reaching out, arms open wide!  I love you my Haigy boy:)


5 Responses to “My Sweet Little Man”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    He is too cute! Happy birthday Haig!

  2. Crystal Says:

    I love the creases in his arms- I could just eat him up. We love our Haig!!!

  3. Gina Says:

    Happy Birthday, Haig!!! You are SO sweet!!!

  4. Julie Baker Says:

    Love the pictures! So sweet, our little Haigy!! Hope he got our card. Sorry I didn’t call…it’s been a crazy week! 🙂

  5. Kelly Says:

    When I was thinking of Haigy turning five, I kept picturing him the day we went to Ft. Moultrie and he had a wide-brimmed hat on and he looked like a fat little mushroom in your arms like an Anne Geddes photo. Time flies!

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