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Game Night January 16, 2009

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We had a Family Game Night last Saturday.  It is so fun that our boys are just about all at the age where we can begin to enjoy playing board games together.  They were very excited about it especially because Grandma Pat was joining us.

We made pizzas and jello with whipped cream.  We started out with Uno.  Easy game to start with.  We added a little twist to the night by allowing each boy to earn tickets.  They could earn three tickets each game they played.  One for participation, one for good sportsmanship and one for encouraging others.  The boys are at the age where they like to win a lot and they really despise losing, especially to their brother.  So we are practicing what good sportsmanship and encouraging other players look like.

At the end of the night they were able to pull a prize out of the prize jar for every two tickets they earned.  Some of the rewards were:

15 minutes extra computer time

one on one time with Mommy or Daddy this week

15 minutes staying up late on the weekend

Piece of candy

Fall asleep in Mommy and Daddy’s bed

They did really well with that concept.  It made it a little more fun too.  After Uno I took Eli and we played Animal Scramble (fun for preschoolers), 123 Diego, Fishing 123 and Memory.  Short attention span:)

Pat, Mark , McCall and Haig played Clue Jr.  They loved it.  We finished the night with Disney Scene It.  Eli only made it through part of the game.  Mark had to take him upstairs for books and bed.  In about another year he will enjoy Game Night a bit more.



fun with tickets and prizes!

fun with tickets and prizes!

Altogether it was a hit and we will have to do this again soon.  Grandma Pat enjoyed it too I think.  We have a few more new games we want to try again soon.  For more fun Family Night ideas check out Heather’s blog.

Do you have any suggestions for games for our next family Game night?


2 Responses to “Game Night”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    Love the extra ticket idea. What a fun night!

  2. Julie Baker Says:

    We got Jr. Scrabble and Jr. Yatzeefor Christmas and the girls love them both! Of course, the Yatzee is a Princess one (Evan just LOVES that one!:) ), but I bet you could find a more boy-friendly one.
    You could also do some 100 or less puzzles, take one piece out and then talk about how when you are missing Jesus, the puzzle is not whole (or something like that…I’m sure you can word it better.).

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