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A Well-Deserved Thank You January 19, 2009

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I am not a pastor’s wife but I have a few close friends that are, as well as my sister.  So through observing their lives, schedules and hearing their experiences I have come to the conclusion that they deserve a lot more praise and credit than they often get.  I wanted to give a shout out and a big thank you for all the sacrifices they make and all the things they make possible that are never recognized or appreciated.

Thank you for making it to church each week, usually early, without your husband’s help with the kids (b/c he is already at church).

Thank you for making it through the 15 minute melt-down that inevitably happens to all of us as we try to get out the door and into the car to get to church, without help from your husband.

Thank you for making it into the church from the parking lot, especially on cold and rainy days, still smiling and greeting everyone that wants to say hi and comment on your children because you are the pastor’s wife, and checking the children into the nursery, without help from your husband.

Thank you for sitting by yourself at each service while you feel everyone watching your every move.

Thank you for smiling and focusing and being supportive through each message, despite the fact that you are trying not to critique and think of all the ways “supportive” church members may criticize and over analyze your husband’s message.

Thank you for rounding up the kids, taking them home and feeding them lunch, while most likely your husband greets and speaks with church members, puts out fires and then maybe, hopefully makes it home for you to heat up the lunch that you and the kids ate a long time before.

Thank you for all the late nights you waited up for your husband, all the times you tried not to roll your eyes when the phone rang again in the middle of dinner or date night and the many, many times you bit your tongue when well-meaning church members criticized your husband and the church in the name of their blessed opinion.

I really, very honestly am saying thank you.  You are amazing and your husbands would not be what they are and the ministries they serve would not be as effective without you and all you sacrifice and do.  YOU are my hero!


4 Responses to “A Well-Deserved Thank You”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Thank you so much. As I sat down to read your blog, I was trying to escape from thinking of the venomous words that I hear women speak about those who have given their lives (literally giving up homes, jobs, family nearby) to serve them. I have never been exposed to all of this as directly as I am now. I do not want to harbor bitterness, and try to be a gracious listener. I do feel fiercely loyal to all the men and women who came here from CO to serve, and am hugely grateful for the leadership God has raised up among our congregation. I so want to remind people to think of what is true, right , praiseworthy, and of good report. The enemy has a field day when we focus on how we are offended, and not on how people (imperfect as they are) attempt to obey the Lord by serving His body in humility, with love and great sacrifice.

  2. Michelle Says:

    Well said. We do need to be reminded of this. Thanks.

  3. Amy Says:

    What a great post…Thank you and we need to be thanking more often

  4. Laura Roberts Says:

    Amen! Being a pastor’s wife is not an easy thing – all your comments were right on the money. The fact that you realize how hard life as a pastor’s wife can be is refreshing and encouraging. Thank you!!! When I first got married, I naively thought my life would just be so spiritual…but now, especially since we were newly appointed in Jan. and had to move after serving the same church for almost 10 years, I feel like I’m on a “spiritual island,” with no one to share with. I have to be careful with what I share with who in the church, and I still am not good at this particular skill, I think I’m too open sometimes…also I’m struggling with the fact that I cannot freely choose where I worship – I obviously have to go where my husband serves. I try to make a major effort to guard my time with God so I don’t dry up and become bitter or resentful. I believe God has sent us here for a reason and I am trying to be open to how He would use me to serve His purposes. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

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