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Family Night, Snow Night! January 20, 2009

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Our family night this week was Snow Night!  McCall desperately wants to experience snow.  He mentions it at least once a day.  So we tried to create a little of our own chilly excitement.  It turned out to be so fun!

We made our own snowmen out of marshmallows, pretzels and raisins while Mark and I prepared dinner.  (I love easy Sam’s rotisserie chicken and the boys gobble it up.  Do you ever get tired of making time-consuming meals and then fighting with them to eat it when if I really just rotated chicken, tacos and pizza they would eat without arguing?  Oh well! I digress…)

Haig's snowman creation

Haig's snowman creation

After dinner we made fan-tastic snowflakes.  Easiest way ever.  I found this fun and easy craft here.  We talked about how God makes each snowflake unique just like we are all made special and unique.  No snowflake is alike, just like no person is like another.  We looked at our own fingerprints using ink and paper and then we read parts of Psalm 139.  Now don’t think this was easy.  We had to have a major mommy speech midway through about how part of family night is learning just as much as crafts and yummies.  If they can sit still at school they can sit still for 10 minutes and listen to me:)

We read some fun “Snow” books that McCall brought home from school and then for the finale we ate Baked Snowballs.  These were so easy, fun and a hit.  They really were yummy and we will have to do them again!
Maybe our snow night actually brought the cold weather?  I so hope it snows tomorrow.  I am tempted to keep McCall home from school just so I can see him experience snow:)

You can check out more fun family nights on Heather’s blog too.


4 Responses to “Family Night, Snow Night!”

  1. Robin Says:

    McCall and I share the desire for snow!!! I hope you get snow this year Erica, he will be so happy!
    Okay, here I am with all grown up kids and thinking about doing a snow night… The Husband will think I’ve lost my mind, but it looks like so much fun! You are a great mom, FULL of creativity that you’re planting into your little one!
    Have a great Tuesday!

  2. Vanessa Says:

    We are going to have to try the ice cream thing – looks SO YUMMY!

  3. Julie Baker Says:

    Make sure to put some pictures out here of the SNOW you got last night!!! How awesome! Allie and Lauren were not happy to wake up and find it hadn’t snowed in Greenville. Crazy to think it snowed in Florence and not here!! Enjoy! Oh- btw – sat in front of Anna P. at Newspring Sunday! Small world! 🙂 Love ya girl!

  4. Billie Says:

    I LOVE the idea of a snow night! I actually took this idea and did it THIS week. Great job incorporating Scripture.

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