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Great spot January 22, 2009

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When we go to Target (which is dangerous) I like to park to the right of the store along the side.  And since I have three young children I always pray for a spot close to the door.  It is getting better as my boys are bigger now, but when they were littler I would get so excited when a spot close to the door was open.  It meant I didn’t have to lug the baby so far or try to keep the toddlers from running into the parking lot.  You understand right?

Apparently I commented on this and prayed parking lot prayers out loud more often then I realized.  So the other day we pulled into the Target parking lot and a spot on the side was open, only two spots from the door.  I didn’t say anything about it but as I was unhooking Eli and helping him climb out of his carseat he said, “Mommy, God pushed the other cars out of the way so we could get a good spot!  That’s great!  Right, Mommy?”

Isn’t that sweet?  It is so great when in whatever manner our little ones let us know that something we are trying to teach them about the Lord, our faith, His goodness is actually sinking in and sticking.:)


One Response to “Great spot”

  1. Julie Baker Says:

    I used to pray that same prayer when we lived in Florence! Too hard to cross the parking lot with 2 little ones, so side spots were precious! 🙂
    I just heard Allie tell her sister and cousin today that we are the sheep and God is our shepherd!! You know I prayed a big Thank you prayer for being able to hear that one. Always an encouragement when we hear our little ones “get it”. 🙂

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