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Take the risk January 26, 2009

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You know how sometimes a world vision commercial will come on the tv and you change the station b/c you just can’t watch it? At least that is what I do. I used to hate watching tv when I would nurse during the middle of the night b/c those commercials would always be on and I would end up bawling.   It strikes a nerve and hurts too much to watch b/c I feel like there is nothing I can do.  I am really, really prone to do that.  Because I internalize those pictures and stories and think about them for days, weeks.

I saw this on Whittaker Woman’s blog and my first response was to skip it.  But I made myself watch it.  Sometimes pain and feeling uncomfortable is good.  It changes my perspective, makes me stop complaining and in helplessness makes me ask the Father “What do you want me to do?  What do you want me to do with this?”.

Now I don’t have the answer…. yet.  But it is good for me to feel just a little bit of the pain my Father God feels when He sees the helpless suffer.  And I am supposed to be His hands and feet.  What does that look like exactly?  I am not sure, but if I don’t keep reminding myself that there are people that tangibly need to feel His provision…

Then I will forget and be content to sit and read blogs and eat ice cream and drink Starbucks with my friends and sit fat and happy in my nice little picture perfect life WHILE CHILDREN ARE ORPHANED AND BABIES STARVE TO DEATH.

So give me a break.  I didn’t want to watch it either.  Take the risk and FEEL so maybe God can use it in your life.  He may have something He wants you to do for Him, but you can’t hear Him until you let yourself FEEL a little! Sorry for the rant, but I had to give myself that pep talk before I was brave enough to watch it. Thought you might need it too:) Love you, really!


3 Responses to “Take the risk”

  1. Crystal Says:

    Okay- why do I keep watching the links that you post? That was sad. It does make you think about what you can do and if you can even do enough to ever help at all.

  2. jenn Says:

    erika–i follow another gal’s blog, and this was on it before it was on heather’s. i resisted watching initially too, and now that i have viewed it, i’m stuck with the same question you are: what am i supposed to do with that information?!

    you know the movie title, “a band of brothers”? well, perhaps we could form a “band of mothers” that would try to raise awareness and funding for children like this. i don’t know, but i want God to show me something i can do! i hope this starts a dialogue that doesn’t stop.

  3. Gillian Says:

    i’ve just posted the link on my blog too, tried to post the actual video but i couldn’t figure out how… thanks for posting it and praying about how i’m going to use the knowledge of their suffering to help.

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