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Unconventional maybe February 7, 2009

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The climbing ground

The climbing ground

Yes my kitchen shelves are cluttered.  I do clutter.  So breathe deeply and try to follow me here… (Notice the chocolate chip cookies though. I made it two weeks between baking binges.  REALLY good for me!)

My boys have a horrible habit of instead of asking for help all three of them simply climb up on this counter to reach the things that I have put up high so they can’t reach them.  You know like candy, keys, flashlights, change, etc.  I am tired of it.  They know they are not supposed to, they get disciplined for it.  Yet it continues.

Last weekend my patience finally reached the end of its rope. This was the result.


I pulled out tape, slapped that sucker onto the counter and simply said, “I am done telling you.  This is the last reminder you will receive that you are not allowed to climb up on the counter.”  I did not raise my voice.  Most parents will know what that spatula on the counter is really for, certainly not stirring!

My sister was there and I think she may have thought I lost my mind.  However they have not climbed on the counter since I did it and it has been a week.  A couple of people have asked about it and raised their eyebrows.  I don’t care:)  It worked and I am loving the fact that I have not had to face that battle again.

Who would have thought?  How about you?  What unconventional ways have you found to get your kids to listen?


5 Responses to “Unconventional maybe”

  1. Julie Baker Says:

    Awesome idea Erika!!! That would probably work at my house too. They know about “the spoon” here too! 🙂 The cookies…well, girl, you know my heart!! I think I can make it about 2 weeks as well.
    Oh – Evan said you could be a writer (he was leaning over my shoulder, saying, “That’s Mark and Erika’s house!”)! Love ya!

  2. maura Says:

    I didnt think you lost it I thought it was quite brilliant to be honest.

  3. jenn Says:

    i don’t have any other tips to offer, but when my son was that age, he knew i never messed around. that didn’t mean he didn’t try to negotiate! i think this is brilliant also, and think of all the nice conversations you’ve been able to have with them because they weren’t being disobedient.

  4. Michelle Says:

    Genius. Pure genius on your part!
    I’ve removed a bedroom door to emphasis that locking your brother out of shared bedroom is not an option.

  5. bewiseaboutmoney Says:

    Well, I once left a light lit, and a pile of books at the end of your bed in order to keep you from climbing up the shelves in the middle of the night to get the books.
    Of course I also carried a wooden spoon in my purse. Didn’t have to use it much because you all knew it was there! 🙂
    I saw a little column note in one of Maura’s Dr. Sears book about “The look” and how mastering it keeps everyone happy (without needing other types of discipline) I think they stole my idea! Can’t remember how many times you all looked at me and said “don’t look at me like that!” Didn’t have to master it, I just came by it naturally from Nana Dearie! XOXO

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