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Many of Many Talents February 9, 2009

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Check out this artistry…



My husband is amazing in so many ways. The kids always prefer when Mark fixes their toaster streudels b/c he humors them when they ask for insane things drawn on their streudel, like “me and you when we were on the Dumbo ride at Disneyworld” or “Santa Claus” or “a diaper” or “me and Grandpa fishing”.  I always tell them, “NO, I am not an artist or a short order cook, now stop whining and eat your breakfast!”  (Sometimes I add the bit about most kids don’t get to eat toaster streudels for breakfast.)

However, their superhuman, ultrapatient Daddy not only humors them but somehow pulls off things like the picture above.  Isn’t he amazing?


One Response to “Many of Many Talents”

  1. bewiseaboutmoney Says:

    Love it! Is it the tree planted by the water that thrives…I mean he adds a scripture lesson to it at the same time right? LOL

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