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Family Night – Coloring Edition February 17, 2009

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Week before last (yes I am behind on posting about family nights-who am I kidding I am behind on most of life at the moment) I could not decide on what to do for family night.  I needed simple but fun but easy, etc.  I finally decided on Coloring as a theme.  Not too exciting to an adult but kids really dig coloring, especially at the age my boys are.

So we had an easy, normal supper but after dinner we all opened a big box of crayons that Aunt Sandy actually sent for Christmas but I was saving for a night just like this.  There were like 200 new Crayola crayons.  I love a new box of crayons!  Don’t you?

I love how they smell and how the tips are so pointy and sharp and all the fun, random, creative names that are on them.  Like piglet pink.  How fun is that?

I digress.  So I printed out all kinds of fun coloring sheets off the internet of many of their favorite cartoon characters.  I am not including links b/c if you google kids coloring sheets you can come up with a gazillion.  We colored pictures for a neighbor that was in the hospital and some for Grandma to take home with her (Pat was with us for Family Night).  I also found some fun Word Finds and Word Scrambles using the names of different colors.  We split into teams and had a race to see who could complete theirs first.

Haig and his Power Ranger picture

Haig and his Power Ranger picture

Eli with Peter Pan and Captain Hook

Eli with Power Ranger

McCall with Scooby Dooby Doo

McCall with Scooby Dooby Doo

So again it was a simple night but so much fun just to sit, spend time together and color!  I do love Family Nights.  They take some work but are oh so worth it.  For more fun family night ideas check out Heather’s blog!


One Response to “Family Night – Coloring Edition”

  1. Midge Says:

    Of course you included the word scrambles. I so remember how many you did as a little one (especially before you could read) I could never get any of the others to love them as you did! And the crayons. I think I am going to go buy a box right now to get that feeling. The smell, the newness…rejuvenating.
    Love your mothering.

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