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Sweets for my sweets February 24, 2009

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We actually did do a Valentine’s Family Night.  This is a very long overdue post, oh well:)  It was fun.  Grandma Pat joined us and we decorated the table and had heart shaped biscuits (thanks Vanessa).  The boys went on a heart treasure hunt and then we looked up the verses found on the backs of the hearts.  Some of them were about love and some were about crazy stuff like donkeys and such:)  The boys thought that was silly!  We gave Grandma a heart shaped box of chocolates with a little note around each chocolate that said one thing each of us love about her.  That was fun putting together:)  Lastly we made some Love notes to send to family members that don’t live close by.  It was a great evening!

Our tabel decorations

Our table decorations

Grandma Pat did the beautiful chair decorations

Grandma Pat did the beautiful chair decorations

Super yummy heart biscuits

Super yummy heart biscuits

I also had to include the fun cookies that I made for McCall’s class and the rice crispies with conversation hearts for Haig’s class.  The cookies were VERY addictive but I am personally not a fan of the candy in the rice crispie treats.  I love making sugar cookies:)




5 Responses to “Sweets for my sweets”

  1. Julie Baker Says:

    Can I have the recipe for the sugar cookies and icing? I’ve never figured out how to do that cute icing thing. So, I just stick with Choc. chip! 🙂 LOL

  2. Vanessa Says:

    The decorations looks so great! And, the cookies look yummy. Yeah for another great family night.

  3. Robin Says:

    Okay YUMALICIOUS!!!!! I’m so hungry for sweets right now and those treats look sooo good!!!
    Oh, and Sweetie, your cookies looked perfect even though…well you know 🙂
    (ps…did you get your one on one time with Hubby last weekend???)

  4. Erin Says:

    Erika…those cookies look delicious!!:) We miss y’all!!:)

  5. Kara Says:

    Your so good and did ever tell you your AMAZIN!

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