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St. Patty’s Day Family Night March 22, 2009

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1237330607991Despite coming back from San Francisco to face time change adjustment, a sinus infection and a stomach bug … I was able to pull off a Family Night on St. Patrick’s Day.  Definitely not b/c of my amazing organization, creativity and stamina because that was non-existent over the past two weeks.  I was able to have a fun night for my boys b/c a sweet friend left me a Family Night in a bag on my doorstep.  It had all the supplies, the craft, the table decorations, ideas for a spiritual lesson and even dessert in it:)  Wow!  What a great gift and sweet friend:)

So Grandma Pat came over and helped the boys make rainbows out of fruit loops and cotton balls while I cooked up a yummy dinner that included biscuits in the shape of pots of gold and shamrocks.  During dinner we discussed the origins of St. Patrick’s Day.  Pat brought us an interesting article on it and we learned a lot.  Then we discussed how St. Patrick liked to explain the Trinity using a Shamrock.  He used the three leaves to describe how Father, Son and Holy Spirit are separate but the same.  Fun conversation with the boys.  They actually kind of “got it”.

After dinner we had a scavenger hunt on shamrocks that discussed what our true “treasure” is and different truths about the Lord which eventually led them to a pot of yummy cookies:)  So much fun and so nice to have it organized since my poor little brain was just not ready to tackle family night yet.

(Disclaimer, I am still learning how to hold my phone steady enough to take non blurry pics.  Working on it sorry!)

Notice the black pot of biscuits:)

Notice the black pot of biscuits:)

The biscuits

The biscuits

Enjoying their pot of cookies in Eli's room

Enjoying their pot of cookies in Eli's room


One Response to “St. Patty’s Day Family Night”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    Glad you guys had a good family night! : )

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