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A Day in the Life March 23, 2009

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Here is a few moments in a day in my life with my ball of energy 3 yr old.  A few comments I added.  Thought it might make you smile.


It was a pretty morning so I asked Eli to go outside and play while I started the laundry.  He was playing so nicely that I didn’t notice he snuck the hand soap out of the bathroom.  He did come in to potty once and happily announced that he had “won the game” which means for the most part he shot it all in the toilet not around.  That must have been when he took possession of the soap in this picture.

When I went to peek outside at him he had lost his pants b/c they were wet, b/c he turned the outside water faucet on to fill up buckets with water and soap and all other kinds of nature items.  He apparently was making a “magic potion” that would turn me into a kid and Eli into an adult.  He was also washing various outside items.

Sleeping angel

Sleeping angel

He did wear himself out and took a good nap.  He usually does nap most days.  He is a busy boy and naps hard.  Isn’t he just precious?

He was serenading me!

He was serenading me! (Notice the banner they made us when we were in San Fran)

That afternoon we changed clothes.  Somehow we usually wear two different outfits throughout the day.  While I folded clothes my sweet boy serenaded me from the fireplace.  Lots of “I love you Mommy” songs.  Beautiful to my ears:)  Then as usual he rushed off to make it to the potty in time.  This time though he yells, “Oh no Mommy!”  That is never good.  I run in to find out that he has “made a mess all over.”  Somehow pee is in the bathtub, on the floor, on the stool, clothes are wet and urine is even Here!

do you see the bangs are wet?

do you see the bangs are wet?

He said, “Mommy, I pee peed on my head!”.  He leaned so far forward while sitting down that he wet his head and everything else.  Sigh…I just pulled out the clorox wipes and laughed with him…and changed his clothes again.  Today I found urine all over the toilet brush that is in a little holder behind the toilet.

What a joy!  Seriously…everyday is an adventure with my Eli boy!


2 Responses to “A Day in the Life”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Peeing on the bangs! That’s a new one! He truly is precious> Thank the Lord for naps, and it really is a good thing they look so sweet when sleeping. For that brief time all we can think is how they are, and all the adventures don’t seem so bad.

  2. Cookie Says:

    Love to you and our sweet, adventurous Eli! Hope your day is phenomenal…

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