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More on the amazing Redwoods April 16, 2009

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Hopefully you are wanting to hear more about what I learned from these super cool trees b/c I have plenty more to share:)

Here is a picture of Mark (isn’t he handsome?) standing in front of one of the trees.  Check out that big bulge in the tree to his left, I am pretty sure that is a burl.  This tree was almost completely hollowed out at the base. More on that in a moment…


I found the text below on a website about Redwoods.  This explains more of the survival tactics that I find so fascinating.

A live redwood that gets knocked over will attempt to continue growing via its limbs. If undisturbed, the limbs pointing up will turn into trees in their own right, and this is indeed the source of many row groups of trees.

Cathedral or family groups of trees are simply trees that have grown up from the living remains of the stump of a fallen redwood, and since they grew out of the perimeter, they are organized in a circle. If you looked at the genetic information in a cell of each of these trees, you would find that they were identical to each other and to the stump they sprang from. They are clones!

We saw one of those circle groups of trees.  I had to stop for a moment and just consider.  The tree in the middle was broken and almost completely decayed yet in a complete circle around it were around 8 young strong beautiful redwoods growing.  They were born out of its death.  What beauty in that.  Don’t you want life to come out of your death?  Not just physical death either, but death of a dream or struggle or stronghold.  And oh how I want others to find life from my trials, struggles and disappointments…

For me also looking back at this past year I have seen how the recent death in our family, as well as other difficult, difficult events in our lives, have caused growth and a sense of “circling the wagons.”  Does that make any sense?  And in that quiet, cathedral of that forest I felt like I was given a visual of what God can do through our brokeness.  I want Him to do that with my life, I really do.

And how about the tenacity of these things.  When they fall down and are expected to decay and die…instead they stretch their limbs up toward the sun and grow.  They develop into a row of trees!  Take that death!

More cool lessons from the redwoods.  Redwoods are very resistant to fire.  These trees can live normally 500-700 years and rarely are destroyed by fire because their bark can be heat resistant.  A fire may burn out the inside of a redwood while it can continue to stand and even grow!  The inside will become a home for other animals or a place for other plants to grow.  It can act as a nursery or safe haven.  This tree is amazing!

So this tree can be burnt numerous times, one site said perhaps even 50 fires, and still survive.  Not just survive but use the damage that was done to give life and safety to other living things.  Is that all about redeeming what was lost?  About trials by fire being counted all joy?  These redwoods are blowing my mind!

I suppose maybe you had to be there to be so impressed, but I hope you can at least appreciate these trees a bit more or take something with you to ponder over your morning coffee:)  Definitely if you ever have the chance to see one, take the hike and be ready to experience a bit of the Creator.  Thanks for listening:)


One Response to “More on the amazing Redwoods”

  1. Those redwood forests are a fine way to appreciate the work and versatility of the Creator.

    Cheers ~ MDV

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