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Yes, again! April 18, 2009

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Okay I am sure you all are sick of hearing me mention Mark Batterson but I can’t help it, he really blogs great stuff. (Since when did “blogs” become a word?)

Tonight this is what struck me.  He just went to a conference and came away with this:

What struck me the most? Honestly, it was an off-handed comment by Charlie Peacock. He made reference to Jon Forman, lead singer of Switchfoot. Jon said his parents didn’t just raise him to “not do anything wrong.” They raised him to live dangerously.

Then we got a short acoustic concert by Vince Scheuer, lead singer of Army of Me. And he made an off-handed comment about the fact that Christian music was “too safe.” I’m not a musician nor the son of a musician, but I agree with his assessment. I feel the same way about Christian books. They are too safe. There isn’t enough risk, enough originality, enough creativity. We need more dangerous authors, dangerous artists.

So my big take away? Ironically, I want to be like Jon Forman’s parents. I want to teach and model this motto for my kids: live dangerously for the cause of Christ.

I know, I know… I get all worked up about raising my kids.  And I do realize that this puts me out there, for people to evaluate and criticize if I actually DO raise my kids to live dangerously.  Not really sure how that looks or what that looks like…but that is what I want.  Good stuff.

What do you think it might look like?

PS. I might just plan a trip in the near future to Washington D.C. just to visit Batterson’s church, National Community Church.  They meet in a movie theatre.  Oh and the church has D.C.’s top coffee house, Ebenezer’s.  Well, and it would be fun to visit all the monuments and museums, I guess.


4 Responses to “Yes, again!”

  1. Karl Says:

    DC is definitely worth the trip. we had a great time and I am looking forward to going again when the kids are older. There were some museums that would not be appreciated by a 6 and 3 year old.
    I like what Batterson is onto. It is something that I realized but am always in a process of taking into my life. Too often we can turn following Jesus into avoiding sin rather than being led by God’s love. Love is dangerous. you can avoid a lot of hurt, risk etc. by not loving but it is a very small life. I guess it goes back to the Good Samaritan story. Everyone but the samaritan was more concerned with following rules and avoiding becoming impure. The samaritan broke the rules of his culture and religion in order to love someone in need.
    It also reminds me of Derek webb. At a Caedmons Call concert at a youthworkers convention I heard him say “Will you quit telling kids that their non-Christian friends are going to respect them because they don’t drink or go to parties and start telling them that they will be known by their love.”

  2. Gina Says:

    I think that live dangerously means not living in fear. So many people are afraid to try anything new because they don’t know the outcome. Well, hello, do any of us know the outcome? NO! But, should we live in constant fear that something should go wrong or should we dare to step out on that ledge and take that dangerous step toward the unknown? I say, STEP WITH FULL FAITH!! Don’t worry that it make you look bad to others or may be against the norm, but what it will do for your faith. I think that sometimes God puts the fork in the road just to see which one we will take. Will we trust him and go down the dangerous, spooky path or the one that most people have already troddened on?

    Think about our boys: they do SO many things that I would be afraid of doing because it may hurt, but they do it and if it doesn’t work out, they figure out a way to do it right. That is what life is all about. Don’t live in fear of the “what ifs.” But, live in the freedom of “God is.”

    Oh, I like this concept…might me changing my soul right now!

    Oh, and the best thing about DC? All the momuments and museums are FREE!! I LOVE IT!! I could spend days just walking around reading everything in every building. Take your boys on the tour of the treasury where they make the money. Super neat process!

  3. Robin Says:

    Love this love this love this!!! I haven’t been able to put into words how I feel about (much of) Christian music and literature…but that’s it: TOO SAFE!!!
    I wasn’t raised to live dangerously but have some deep down questions and thoughts that feel “dangerous”…some “Christian” music/books just skim the surface…I’m too old to skim the surface any more…I’ll check out this pastor. Gooooooood Stuff Erika!
    love to you R

  4. Cookie Says:

    Hey, if it’s a girls’ trip, I’m all about it.

    Just plantin’ a seed… 🙂

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