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Fun recent randomness May 18, 2009

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Not a lot of thought time to put together a post that makes a lot of sense, but since I also hope this blog is a way for me to record life and some of my thoughts during this busy season….I wanted to record some things that I don’t want to forget.

The other day Eli came to us in the kitchen and asked, “Does Cedar (my parent’s dog) have a wise man in his belly like we do?”  I thought, what?  After some questioning and a bit of explaining by Eli I finally realized that he was asking, “Does the dog have a spirit man like we do?”

Wow!  He does listen when we talk to him and teach the boys about things semi-spiritual!  He has heard us explain how our spirit man grows when we read the Bible and pray.  And we have talked about our spirit man is what goes to heaven when we die, because that is where Grandpa’s spirit man is.  Such a sweet question:)  His teachers at church have said the past two weeks that he really seems to be connecting the dots when it comes to the Bible lessons.  That does my heart good:)

Eli has worn his t-ball outfit for at least the last week straight.  I did get him to wear something else to church once I promised him once he was home again he could put the outfit back on.  I need to post a picture soon but it consists of his White Sox jersey (which is black, go figure), his white baseball pants, his long black socks and his cleats.  He recently added a too small white ball cap, a black too long for him belt and thanks to a comment from a friend at the park, he now wants to have a batting glove hanging from his back pocket.  Oh and his baseball pants have to have a back pocket.  He really does look too cute though!

Haig is into all things Star Wars.  Our conversations always go back to something regarding Star Wars, which of course I have no clue about ANYTHING Star Wars.  Questions like, “Mom if you could use the force on Obi Won or Darth Vader which would you choose?  Mom why does Luke say NOOOO when he is fighting Darth Vader?”  I can’t even quote most of them b/c somehow he speaks another language using words like, Darth Moth, Anakin, Death Star, Padame and on and on.  I’m pretty sure he is officially addicted to the Star Wars Lego Playstation 2 video game.  We didn’t do video games growing up so this is unchartered territory for me.  The game really does make him use some amazing problem solving skills and he does jump up and down the entire time he is playing so he gets exercise and his brain is being stimulated.  Yes I am justifying letting him play in the afternoon while Eli is napping.

However the other day from the back seat of the car, while Eli was napping and we were on our way to car line…he expounded on how he sees Darth Vader as the evil and Luke is the good like Jesus and how Luke was fighting the evil but how Darth Vader ended up sacrificing himself so he could stop the Emporer.  So in a way Darth Vader died to save Luke like Jesus died to save us.

Pretty deep thinking about old Star Wars.  It became a little confusing though when he tried to figure out how that works with Luke really being Vader’s son and all.  However the other night as I was tucking Haig into bed we were talking about the recent baptism at Newspring and he asked when he could get baptized which led to why you get baptized, etc.  He finally said why can’t I pray now to ask Jesus into my heart.  So we did and he has talked about it each day since then.  He seems to understand at least as much as a 5 year old can.  We are celebrating and praying that he daily grows to understand more deeply what that decision means and how to grow in intimacy with his Saviour.  But what a treat that I had the chance to pray with him, for that I am supremely thankful!

We are super busy with t-ball and baseball.  The boys seem to love it and I love that they are playing a team sport and sticking with it even when they are hot and tired.  McCall’s team is doing super well, which is fun.  He is improving and learning a lot.  We are out at ball games 3-4 evenings a week.  Our family nights for April and May have consisted of parking at the ball field and putting out our lawn chairs and playing with buckets and shovels and wagons while we watch.

So there you have my randomness.  No rhyme or reason:)  Perhaps I will make more sense next post!


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