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I’ve Got a Friend June 15, 2009

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That right there gives me a warm, secure feeling…I’ve got a friend.  Poor grammar yes, but so true.  I am blessed with some truly amazing friends.  One gal that is a kindred spirit I have known for about 8 years.  I met her when I was pregnant with my first child and she just shone.  I knew she was a Christ follower before we ever had any kind of deep conversations and before she ever verbally gave a clue that she knew our Savior.

I determined within a few days of meeting her that I wanted her to be my friend.  I went home and told Mark that I had met the neatest girl and she was going to become a very good friend.  I found opportunities to spend time with her and randomly brought her a meal when she had her second baby.  I was determined she was not going to get away:)

A little strange, yes, but so worth it because she is warm, smart, inspirational, funny, beautiful, quirky, strong and desperately in love with Jesus.  She challenges me to be a better mom, more faithful friend, more devoted wife, more passionate about my faith and most difficult at times…a better caregiver toward creation.

My incredible friend, Kara Evans, takes care of her body with intensity (she is a nationally certified yoga instructor, aerobics instructor, triathlete, certified massage therapist, health food enthusiast, lover of all things nutritious, and did I mention mother of 4) but also is an amazing advocate of living a Green lifestyle.  She spearheaded and organized an event that took place on Thursday, May 28th,  “Let’s Get Green and Healthy Florence”.  This fair highlighted vendors advocating and supporting helping Florentines live Green and Healthy.  There were massage therapists, local food establishments, grocery stores, giveaways, jumpie castles, food samples….lots of neat opportunities to learn and try out what Florence has to offer.

Kara always provides me with opportunities to learn new ways to be a better Earth dweller. She currently does massage therapy at Carte Ay in Florence.  She does an amazing job whether you are looking for deep tissue massage, some simple stress-relief or even help with a sports injury.   She has no idea that I am posting about her but if you are interested in booking a massage with her you can contact her at  And no matter what you will be blessed just to meet the beautiful whirlwind I call my friend Kara:)


One Response to “I’ve Got a Friend”

  1. maura Says:

    She is awesome. And I will witness for those looking to get a massage from her that she is a wonderful massage therapist!

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