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Beach Days August 2, 2009

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We have been blessed to enjoy quite a few beach days this summer.  I can’t get enough of the beach personally.  The boys do love it but they eventually get tired of the sand and want to head for the clean water of the pool.  We love to dig “beach pools” and play with seashells and toys in them.  Especially on days when the water is rough, our “beach pools” make for hours of danger-free fun:)

2009-07-25 15.37.51

2009-07-25 15.46.07

McCall has created some pretty neat and creative castle/structures.  He made a gazebo out of shells.  I love watching him focus and create things:)  I feel so uncreative so I think it is super cool that God gave me such a creative little fellow.   A few Saturdays ago we went to the beach as a family and he made a neat tower, using some shells as a pipe system:)  (These pictures don’t really do it justice.)

2009-07-25 15.38.47

2009-07-25 15.38.40

2009-07-25 14.58.57

Eli let us bury him.  I’m not sure I have ever seen him sit still that long except for when he has been sleeping.  Actually he almost fell asleep:)  These beach days have been amazing!  I always leave sandy, physically exhausted (lots of packing, wet towels and resunscreening) but emotionally filled up:)

Eli has a little plastic wagon that we load down with buckets, shovels and toys.

2009-07-30 15.09.02

It is Eli’s job to pull it to the beach and park it on the sand.  Everything in it is plastic so even though it is filled to overflowing (we usually drop a shovel or two along the way) it is not heavy.  On the way back to the car on our last beach visit Eli was having a very hard time pulling his wagon.  I kept encouraging him to “Pull hard strong boy!”.  But he couldn’t seem to do it, so as I carried armloads of my own I tried to help him by pushing it with my foot.  Finally I had to reach down and help him pull it and discovered myself that it was indeed pretty heavy!

Once back at the car I did a little detective work and discovered that one of the buckets was full of these…

2009-07-30 15.09.13

Haig spent much of that day collecting and washing seashells but also quite a few large rocks that washed up on the shore.  He decided to bring them home, which was why poor little Eli was struggling to pull them through the sand, down the boardwalk, up the stairs and to the car.

This is completely random but it hit me that his journey is similar to my own journey sometimes.  I have my little red wagon of life and I fill it with my buckets and shovels of relationships, school, work, church, etc.  I pull it along nicely.  It is manageable.  But then without thinking through it I start to add things to my buckets.  They may be pretty things that I just want to hang onto and they seem harmless: one little shell or rock at a time.  But after awhile they really start to weigh me down.  And before I know it my wagon is no longer easy to pull.  Trying to walk through the sand with my little wagon is now hard and seems almost impossible.  As I look at my wagon though I can’t figure out what happened.  Surely those pretty little things (volunteering here, time on the computer there, a new friendship that at first seemed easy, agreeing to another car pool arrangement, committing to one more committee) that seemed so harmless couldn’t be causing so much trouble now…could they?

I know random, however it has caused me to think of the parable of the Sower and the Seed.  Remember how some seed was cast onto soil where it grew but then was strangled out by thorns?  Luke 8:14 says, “The seed that fell among thorns stands for those who hear, but as they go on their way they are choked by life’s worries, riches and pleasures, and they do not mature.”

I have a tendency to fill my wagon up with things that at the moment may actually “be good” but they still weigh me down.  They may be “riches and pleasures” that appear to benefit me but the reality is they are keeping me from maturing.  Does that make sense at all?  If I unloaded that yellow bucket and dumped out the rocks and pretty shells…my load would be a lot lighter and my burden would not seem as heavy and I would get to my next destination a lot more quickly.

Just made me think about the fall and consider what I am putting in my wagon.  I am really gonna try to look hard at those pretty shells and consider what they are worth for the long haul.  After all I really want to “get” where He has me going.  And I like my little red wagon light:)


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