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2 Questions August 26, 2009

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So it is almost midnight which means I am up WAY too late for a school night, but since I am already up I might as well make it a few minutes later and put down some thoughts.  I have recently reconnected with some teachers from high school and junior high.  I have such great memories of these folks and can think of many ways that they invested in me that truly positively affected my view of myself, the world and the Lord.

It just makes me consider, who am I investing in and how will they remember me? Am I intentional with my interactions with the children I serve at church, my children’s friends, the cashier I see each week at the grocery store?  Sure I do my best to be cheerful and polite and kind.  More than that though.  I really could have a positive lasting affect on the people that are in my life and even those in the peripheral of my life. I want to be that kind of person. I want the people that I touch to be better for having known me. Is that too much to want?  That is not going to happen in my own strength, because I am nothin’ special.  However, He that lives inside of me is amazing.  If I will let Him spill out a bit, lives can be changed!  I aim to do that but it’ll only happen if I consistently fill up with HIM.

The second thing I have been thinking about is having an attitude of gratitude toward the people that have invested in me and letting them know so. What a blessing to receive back from someone a bit of encouragement that you made a difference.  So I have been all about thank you notes recently.  Not so much for “stuff” but rather for their time and investment in me or my children or the Kingdom.  I actually have someone from my past that needs to hear from me this week a big fat Thank You for believing in me:)

So what about you?  Do you need to bless someone with the message that they made a difference in your life?  A teacher, your junior high best friend’s parent, Sunday School teacher, baseball coach, librarian, who?  With Facebook and email it is not that hard to connect with people anymore.  We are all investing in someone.  Really.  Very few people have NO interaction with people throughout the day.  Someone on the phone, the internet or in person.  I challenge you to be deliberate and put some prayer behind it.  Who are you investing in and what will you have added to their life?  Consider it…


One Response to “2 Questions”

  1. Anna P Says:

    You are investing in ME! And I am so humbled by it and appreciative of it, Erika. Thank you for your time and energy, and for caring about helping me become the kind of wife I want to be and the kind of wife God wants me to be, so that I may be the wife Brandon needs me to be. Love you!

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